Hurd’s lawyer focuses on Depp’s texts: “Let’s burn Amber”

Actor Hurd’s lawyers tried to undermine Johnny Depp’s defamation case against her on Thursday by spending hours in court focusing on the actor’s drinking, drug use and messages he sent to friends – including one about wanting to kill and defiled his then wife.

Hurd’s lawyers cite Depp’s story of breaking into hotel rooms and smashing bathroom fixtures during a dispute with Hurd. Depp is also facing a lawsuit filed by a film crew member who claims he was attacked in 2018.

Depp v. Hurd alleges that she falsely portrayed him as a domestic abuser and ruined his lucrative acting career. But Hurd’s lawyers say Depp did abuse Hurd, both physically and sexually, and say he can’t deny it because he was often drunk and strong to the point of eclipse.

Depp’s reports only strengthen the protection of his ex-wife, her lawyers said.

“Of course, I pushed and showed Amber’s ugly colors during a recent trip,” Depp said in a text message to a friend, actor Paul Bethany, in July 2013, which was shown to jurors.


“I’m a crazy person and I’m not so fair after drinking too much,” Depp continued.

Lawyer Heard J. Benjamin Rottenborn focused on another exchange that year between Depp and Bethany, in which Depp wrote, “Let’s burn Amber !!!”

Bethany replied, “After thinking about it, I don’t think we should burn Amber.”

Depp sent a message: “Let’s drown her before we burn her !!! I will (desecrate) her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she is dead.

Earlier, Depp apologized to the jury for the vulgar language in the texts and said that “in the midst of the pain I was feeling, I went to dark places.” He made the same apology on Thursday.

Rothenborn also showed the jury one of Depp do Bethany’s texts in 2014, in which he mentioned whiskey, pills and cocaine.

The lyrics were written at a time when Depp said he had stopped drinking. And they were sent on a private flight from Boston to Los Angeles, during which Hurd said Depp attacked her while he was drunk.


Rottenborn presented texts that Depp sent to Bethany saying he had been drinking “all night before I took Amber to fly to LA last Sunday… Ugly, friend… No food for days… Powders… Half a bottle of whiskey , a thousand rows of bulls and vodkas, pills, 2 bottles of Champers on the plane … ”

Earlier, Depp testified that he took two oxycodone pills – an opiate he admits he was addicted to at the time – and locked himself in the plane’s bathroom and fell asleep to avoid the poison. He also disputed that he was drunk during the flight, saying he drank only a glass of champagne while boarding the plane.

But Rothenborn also showed the jury expressions of Depp’s remorse after the flight.

“I find myself in a place of shame and regret again,” Depp wrote to Hurd. “Of course I’m sorry. I really don’t know why or what happened. But I will never do it again… My illness somehow crawled and grabbed me… I have to get better. And I will. For both of us. Starting today. I love you. Again, very sorry. Very sorry.”


The jury also saw a written apology from Depp to Hurd’s father, in which the actor said he “got confused and went too far” in a fight with Hurd. But Depp noted on the stand that the statement did not say the battle was physical.

Numerous audio recordings of the couple’s conversations were released in court. In one, Hurd told Depp that he was vomiting in his sleep. In another discussion, it sounds as if Depp said he hit Hurd in the head.

“I used the words Mrs. Hurd used,” Depp said. “But there was no deliberate blow to the head. And if you want to have a quiet conversation with Mrs. Hurd, you may need to calm down a little.

Depp has been on the stand at Fairfax County Court since Tuesday afternoon. He had previously called drug allegations “grossly embellished”, although he admitted to taking many drugs.

The actor also spent much of his previous testimony, describing the couple’s unstable relationship and denying that he had ever abused Hurd. Depp said Hurd abused drugs and often attacked him violently.


Depp claims that his film career has suffered after she wrote an article in 2018 in The Washington Post, which sparked his defamation lawsuit against Hurd.

Hurd never mentioned Depp by name in the article, but Depp’s lawyers said it was a clear reference to the accusations made by Hurd when she asked for a restraining order against him in 2016.

Depp said the allegations and the article contributed to an unjustly ruined reputation that turned him into a Hollywood exile and cost him a role in the lucrative Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

When the cross-examination began on Wednesday, Rothenborn cited evidence that Disney made the decision months before the article was published. Her lawyers said Depp’s damaged reputation was due to his own misconduct.


Depp Rothenborn’s cross-examination lasted all Thursday and is due to continue on Monday.

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Hurd’s lawyer focuses on Depp’s texts: “Let’s burn Amber”

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