Hunter Biden accused of ‘blackmail’ after $75,000 defamation lawsuit from Delaware laptop repairman

hunter biden Delaware computer repair shop owner John Paul Mack Isaac is accused of trying to blackmail him after he was the president’s son for defamation.

The 52-year-old Hunter first came into contact with Mac Isaac in April 2019 when he left his laptop in a store.

Since the eve of the 2020 election, laptops have was a source of fascinationthe incriminating photo of a drug-addicted hunter whose prostitutes were seized, along with the communications and accounts of that capricious businessman Joe Biden Involved in questionable international transactions.

In December, Hunter hired veteran political attorney Abby Lowell, who had previously represented Jared Kushner, to started to fight back.

Lowell accused Mac Isaac of illegally accessing his laptop, and on January 27, Mac Isaac filed a lawsuit seeking $75,000 in defamation damages.

On February 1, Lowell wrote to the Justice Department and the Delaware Attorney General demanding that Mac Isaac and others be indicted.

A lawyer for Mac Isaac said Thursday that Hunter wants to pursue criminal charges against his client to exact revenge.

Hunter Biden accused of ‘blackmail’ after ,000 defamation lawsuit from Delaware laptop repairman

Brian Della Rocca (far right), an attorney representing Delaware computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac (middle), filed a “blackmail” accusation against Hunter Biden Thursday night.

Hunter, 52, has hired a new team of attorneys to aggressively combat reports of the contents of abandoned laptops.

“We were finally able to track him down and serve him last week,” Brian Della Rocca said. Talk to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“And now suddenly we see this.”

Della Rocca said the call for prosecution against Mac Isaac is directly related to Mac Isaac’s suit against Hunter.

“He’s trying to intimidate. And it’s interesting to me that this happened when it happened,” Della Rocca told Carlson.

Della Rocca hired a private investigator to track Hunter down to Culver City, California, and provide him with legal papers.

“It was very difficult to find where he was,” said Della Rocca.

Earlier Thursday, Della Rocca said new york post Hunter was “desperate” trying to blame others for his bad luck.

Founded by Mac Isaac in 2010, the store is now closed. The site was shut down after reports of incriminating content on laptops surfaced in October 2020.

“Hunter’s current behavior is a desperate attempt to continue blaming others for his actions,” Della Rocca said.

He claimed Mac Isaac was authorized to access the laptop thanks to a document Hunter signed when he brought the laptop to the Wilmington store.

Former Delaware computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac

“When Hunter signed the statement of work, he authorized John Paul to access the information on the laptop to recover the data,” Della Rocca said.

“The statement of work clearly states, ‘Recover the data and save the server, and contact the customer when complete.’

“He couldn’t restore the data without access.”

Hunter was then told that if he didn’t return to the store to pick it up in three months, the laptop would be confiscated.

Della Rocca said, “The statement of work states that if the equipment is left in the shop for more than 90 days, the equipment is abandoned and The Mac Shop agrees to be held harmless from any damage or loss. It was clearly explained,” he said.

“Once the property was abandoned, The Mac Shop became its owner.”

Lowell wrote Wednesday to the Department of Justice and the Delaware Attorney General, saying he believes Mac Isaac broke the law.

Lowell also accused Rudy Giuliani, who was given a copy of Hunter’s laptop, Hunter’s attorney, Robert Costello, and Steve Bannon, who had access to the files.

Rudy Giuliani has accused Hunter Biden’s legal team of a ‘frivolous’ letter aimed at those who obtained or distributed Hunter’s infamous laptop

In a letter to the Attorney General, Lowell wrote, “I have considerable reason to believe.” [they] Violated various Delaware laws in accessing, copying, manipulating, and/or distributing Mr. Biden’s computer data.

“These illegal activities resulted in widespread disclosure, manipulation and exploitation of Mr. Biden’s most personal information.

Brian M. Sullivan, another attorney now representing Biden, sent another correspondence to Carlson and Fox News asking him to correct the falsehoods from the recent show or to open up a potential defamation lawsuit. I demanded that it be violated.

Giuliani said Wednesday night that the lawsuit is nonsense.

‘This is complete – I don’t know how to explain it.

“The complaint that we should be investigated is an attempt to get yet another illegal investigation initiated by a Democratic-leaning official.”

On Thursday, the White House press secretary Carine Jean-Pierre He didn’t say whether people in the White House had prior knowledge of the new strategy. Republican Party Investigation of the Biden family.

“I will refer you to the White House attorney’s office for that matter,” she said.

“Again, I have nothing to add. This is something his personal representative should be talking about,” she said when asked by

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not directly answer questions about whether the White House had prior knowledge of Hunter Biden’s legal strategy.

Jean-Pierre, who has repeatedly stressed on Wednesday and in the past the Justice Department and its efforts to avoid commenting on the investigation, was asked whether the attorney’s letter from the president’s son constitutes pressure on investigators.

“When it comes to that, I’m coming from this podium, so I’m going to be pretty consistent,” she said.

“The specific question you’re asking me is one we’ve been asking over the past two years.

“And I tell you that’s what Hunter Biden’s personal representatives should be talking about.

“I’m not going to speak from here.”

She referred the question to the White House attorney’s office.

“And when it comes to agencies, as you were asking me, look, this is a president who believes in the independence of the Justice Department.

“He’s very clear about it.

“He believes it should not be politicized – as he has said in the past.”

Hunter’s laptop contained dozens of intimate photos

Her comments came as Richard Painter, the former chief of the White House Ethics Oversight Committee, called for a “firewall” between the White House and Hunter Biden’s growing team of lawyers.

Painter said Hunter Biden is “a private person, so I’m going to disclose whatever I have to disclose.”

but he said fox news The eldest son “will probably get away with not disclosing anything.”

“Like these paintings he sells, we should disclose who is buying the artwork, but that is not the case,” Painter added.

“And it will likely follow the same approach to defense funds.”

In May 2022, Mac Isaac filed a defamation suit against then-Chairman Adam Schiff, CNN, Politico, and The Daily Beast, seeking damages of “at least $1 million.” caused

He claimed the press falsely said he was spreading disinformation about Russia. new york post.

In his complaint, he alleges that Rep. Schiff defamed him in an interview, and two days later the Post (and then began publishing the revelations from his laptop.

so interview Along with Wolf Blitzer at the time, Schiff said he believed the “Kremlin” was behind both then-presidential candidates’ “disparagement campaigns,” without providing any evidence. Joe Bidenand his son Hunter.

“Well, we know all this slander against Joe Biden is coming from the Kremlin,” he said.

“It has been clear for over a year that they have been pushing this false narrative about the Vice President and his son.”

In the lawsuit, Mac Isaac alleges that CNN deliberately aired a “false defamatory article” that caused serious damage, including the closure of his laptop repair shop.

He also reported to The Daily Beast, whose article claimed the laptop was “stolen,” and Politico, who reported that dozens of former intelligence officials believed the laptop was “Russian disinformation.” is also being tracked.

The Daily Beast has since apologized.

John Paul Mac Isaac sues Congressman Adam Schiff, CNN, Daily Beast, Politico for defamation, seeking “at least $1 million” in damages

According to the complaint, the Washington Post reported that Mac Isaac was forced to close a computer repair shop near the Biden family in Greenville, Delaware. After the CNN report, people started throwing eggs, vegetables and even dog poop at his door.

He then reportedly spent a year in exile in Colorado.

“CNN’s broadcast of false statements has led plaintiffs to commit crimes against the United States of America in collaboration with the Russians by attempting to undermine American democracy in the 2020 presidential election, a notorious crime, accusing him of committing treason,” the lawsuit states. .

As a result, Della Rocca told the Post, “He has lost his business, his friendship and his place of honor in his community.

“This lawsuit seeks to repair a small portion of the damages caused by the defendants in the lawsuit,” he continued.

“We intend to show that their actions were intentionally malicious.”

Mac Isaac said at the time, “After fighting to uncover the truth, what I want now is a collective and coordinated effort by social and mainstream media to tell real stories with real results. All you have to do is let the whole country know that you blocked it.

“This was a conspiracy led by 51 pillars of intelligence and backed by politically motivated DOJ and FBI actions.

“I want this lawsuit to reveal that collusion and, more importantly, who gave the order to march.”

He has provided financial support for his efforts through the America Project, a nonprofit founded by Trump supporter General Michael Flynn, his brother Joe Flynn, and businessman Pat Byrne. I am receiving Hunter Biden accused of ‘blackmail’ after $75,000 defamation lawsuit from Delaware laptop repairman

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