Hundreds of people fired when vaccine obligations begin

Some vaccination obligations have come into effect, hundreds of Americans who refuse vaccination are currently absent from work, and thousands more may soon join them.

What you need to know

  • Some vaccination obligations have come into effect, hundreds of Americans who refuse vaccination are currently absent from work, and thousands more may soon join them.
  • The majority of companies requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 reported compliance, but withheld.
  • Novant Health spokeswoman in North Carolina Said on Tuesday Approximately 175 unvaccinated employees were dismissed in 15 hospitals and 800 clinics
  • However, the impact of vaccination mandates is felt more strongly in New York State, where healthcare professional requirements came into effect on Monday midnight.

The majority of companies that require their employees to be vaccinated with COVID-19 report compliance. However, in some cases, there were enough holdouts to fuel concerns about staffing.

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden ordered all federal workers and contractors to vaccinate. He also announced plans for a private company to employ at least 100 people to inoculate workers or pass the COVID-19 test at least weekly, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) still has that rule. Is being created.

The shootings taking place this week are primarily related to orders issued by private companies and state governments.

A North Carolina-based Novant Health spokesperson serving North Carolina and South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. Said on Tuesday Approximately 175 unvaccinated employees have been dismissed in 15 hospitals and 800 clinics. However, the company’s compliance rate for 35,000 employees is over 99%.

In a statement, Novant Health supports the decision to mandate vaccines because we are responsible for protecting patients, visitors and team members regardless of where they are in the healthcare system. “. “We couldn’t be proud of the team members who were vaccinated with covid-19 and chose to remain part of the Novant Health team.”

ChristianaCare, another healthcare network that serves parts of Delaware and neighboring Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey, was unvaccinated and has about 150 people, including some part-timers. Employees have been fired, CEO Janice Nevin said Monday. The nonconformity rate was about 1%. According to the company, it has already hired more than 200 new employees.

However, the impact of vaccination mandates is felt more strongly in New York State, where healthcare professional requirements came into effect on Monday midnight.

According to the state health department, about 16% of hospital staff and 11% of nursing home staff are unvaccinated, which is equivalent to tens of thousands of health care workers.

Governor Kathy Hokul is facing a shortage of staff and is preparing to declare an emergency that can help nurses in other states fill vacancies and medical professionals with the National Guard.

“The only way to overcome this pandemic is to ensure that all qualified people are vaccinated, including those who care for vulnerable families and loved ones,” Hochul said. He said in a statement.

Northwell Health, which has hospitals in and around New York City, said Monday it would fire about 20 employees on Newsday, which could increase. Thousands of other health care workers across the state are also facing retirement or have been unpaid suspension.

Meanwhile, United Airlines announced late Tuesday that it would begin dismissing 5,93 employees in the coming days after refusing to vaccinate. According to the company, 99% of the country’s 67,000 workforce is vaccinated.

“This was a very difficult decision, but keeping the team safe was always a top priority,” wrote the company’s CEO Scott Kirby and president Brett Hart in a note to the staff.

An airline spokesperson told The New York Times, “If we decide to get vaccinated in the process, we’ll work with people.”

Vaccinations are also approaching deadlines in other states, such as health care workers in Oregon, Rhode Island, and Minnesota, and state officials in Washington.

Dozens of other large companies, including Amtrak, Microsoft, Disney, Google and Goldman Sachs, have also issued ultimatums to most workers. In addition, small businesses in New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans must meet their customer and worker obligations.

Like many Americans, some workers are reluctant or skeptical of vaccines. Despite many studies finding that shots are safe and effective, some are concerned about potential side effects.

“For me, there are many uncertainties about the risks and possibilities,” Novant Health nurse Laura Rushing told Spectrum News last week. “Sure, you can take it and nothing happens, but if I’m the one who takes it, heaven forbids, I die or I’m incompetent? I’m single I’m a mom. “

Some people seek exemptions for health and religious reasons, but not all are granted. Also, some healthcare professionals say they simply oppose the idea that employers enforce vaccinations.

“This is not the same as having all the other vaccines we have had for years,” said another Novant employee, Nanette Petersen. “It’s not the same. It’s new, so I’d love to see what happens.”

Some employees are fighting orders in court. For example, more than 180 health care workers in Minnesota are seeking injunctions to prevent hospitals from imposing requirements for violating religious freedom and other state and federal laws.

In New York, the judge issued a temporary restraint on state immunization obligations for health care workers claiming religious exemption until October 12, when he revisited the case.

Also, a group of federal workers and contractors sued the US government last week over Biden’s mission. And United is facing a similar pair of proceedings.

However, obligations appear to be damaging national immunization rates.

“Experience shows that these obligations put a lot of strain on the motivation of vaccinated employees,” said Laura Budlow, an assistant professor at Columbia University who studies labor issues. She said she believes that only a small percentage of employees will retire. Perhaps those who are about to retire and are strongly distrustful of the vaccine.

Approximately 96% of the airline’s 67,000 U.S. employees are vaccinated and an additional 3% are seeking exemptions, which could result in unpaid leave, according to United officials. .. Less than 1% will be dismissed, officials said they would not affect the operation of the airline.

In Washington, 63,000 state officials had to be vaccinated by October 18, with vaccination rates jumping from 49% on September 6 to 68% just two weeks later.

In August, San Francisco became the first major city in the country to require people eating in restaurants to certify complete vaccination against COVID-19, and employees had to fire by October 13. Akash Kapoor, founder of the Curry Up Now Indian restaurant chain, said more than 90% of his employees in downtown San Francisco are currently vaccinated and one or two refused per store. .. He has unvaccinated workers tested twice a week.

Alejandra Segura, 28, senior learning and development coordinator for Curry UpNow, said she was worried that she might be unresponsive to the vaccine, so she postponed it. However, vaccination obligations prompted her to take action, and she received her first dose of Pfizer vaccine on September 20.

“It’s good to be vaccinated to ensure people’s safety,” Segura said.

As of Tuesday, 185.3 million Americans, or 55.8% of the population, have been fully vaccinated. Two-thirds of adults are completely inoculated.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Hundreds of people fired when vaccine obligations begin

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