Hundreds of people deported under Biden, including witnesses to the slaughter – NBC5 Dallas-Fort Worth

President Joe Biden’s administration has deported hundreds of early immigrants, despite his campaign’s promise to stop illegally removing most people in the United States at the beginning of his term.

A federal judge last week ordered the Biden administration not to enforce a 100-day moratorium on deportation, but the ruling did not require the government to schedule deportation. Recently, the US Immigration and Customs Department has deported immigrants to at least three countries. There are 15 in Jamaica on Thursday and 269 in Guatemala and Honduras on Friday. More deportation flights were scheduled for Monday.

The number of people who have recently been illegally crossed the border, issued by the Department of Homeland Security to enforcement agencies and considered a national security or public security threat, which is a priority under the new guidance that came into effect on Monday, is unknown. is.

Under a public health order triggered by former President Donald Trump during a coronavirus pandemic and Biden staying there, some of the people on board the plane are a faster process than deportation. May have been banished at.

In a border city in El Paso, Texas, immigration officials deported a woman who witnessed the 2019 massacre in Wal-Mart, which killed 22 people. According to her lawyer, she agreed to be a witness to the shooter and met with the local local prosecutor’s office.

Rosa was pulled for a broken brake light on Wednesday, detained under a previous traffic warrant, then transferred to ICE and deported before contacting a lawyer, said the non-profit Diocese Migrant & Refugee Services Executive Director. One Melissa Lopez said. She.

Rosa is identified by her name alone because she fears her safety in Juarez, a cross-border city between the United States and Mexico, from El Paso, known for violence and gangster activity.

Prison records confirm that Rosa was booked at El Paso Prison for Warrants on Wednesday and left on Friday. According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, ICE issued what is known as a “detainee” in an attempt to detain her for immigration violations on the day she was arrested.

The El Paso Provincial Prosecutor’s Office confirmed in a statement Monday that it had provided Rosa’s lawyers with the necessary documents to request a US visa for victims of crime. However, the statement also stated that Rosa was “not a victim of the Wal-Mart shooting.” The district attorney did not immediately answer the follow-up question.

Her lawyer said Rosa had pleaded guilty to drunk driving, ICE later released her, and emphasized that authorities under Trump had previously admitted that she was not a threat to the public, Lopez said. Stated.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris voiced opposition to the Trump administration’s immigration priorities during the presidential election.

“President Biden and Vice President Harris continue to see migrants being abused and ignored at the local level, despite their very clear desire for how migrants are treated. It’s important to recognize that you are, “Lopez said.

ICE said Friday it had deported people to Jamaica and was in compliance with last week’s court order. The agency did not respond to some requests for additional comments on additional deportation flights or Rosa’s case.

Honduras officials confirmed that 131 people were on a deportation flight that landed on Friday. Another flight that landed in Guatemala on Friday was 138, and an additional 30 are expected to arrive on Monday, officials said.

The White House introduced the question to the Department of Homeland Security, but the spokesman did not return a request for comment.

Veronica Escobar, a Democratic U.S. lawmaker in Texas in the area including El Paso, said her office had reported Rosa’s proceedings to the White House.

“My concern is that the ICE will continue to move quickly before the Biden administration has the opportunity to evaluate and provide further directives,” Escobar said on Monday.

Two legal experts said the ICE could release migrants, detain people, or delay the deportation process on a deportation order, regardless of the judge’s order on the deportation moratorium. It states.

“The schedule for deportation remains at the discretion of the authorities,” said Steve Yale Rohr, a professor of immigration law at Cornell University.

Judge Drew Tipton of the US District Court last week granted a temporary restraint order sought by the state of Texas banning the enforcement of the 100-day deportation moratorium that came into effect on January 22. Tipton said the Biden administration violated the Administrative Procedure Act in issuing the Moratorium. It did not prove why it was necessary to suspend deportation.

Tipton on Friday said he would extend his order until February 23. The Department of Justice has not yet requested Tipton or the Federal Court of Appeals to block the order.

The White House reissued a statement on Friday, believing that the moratorium is “fully appropriate,” and “President Biden reforms the immigration system to keep the community safe and maintain American values. We are still committed to taking swift action to do so, “he added.

Biden is expected to issue a series of immigration-related executive orders on Tuesday as he is expected to confirm Alejandro Mallorcus as Homeland Security Secretary. These orders are expected to include the formation of a task force to reunify the families separated during the Trump administration.

Associated Press journalist Will Weissert in Washington, María Verza in Mexico City, and Sonia Pérez D in Guatemala City. Contributed to this report.

Hundreds of people deported under Biden, including witnesses to the slaughter – NBC5 Dallas-Fort Worth

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