Huckabee pushes back the call of “deprogramming” Trump voters: “leftist cult”

In response to some who argue that Trump supporters need to be “unprogrammed,” Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee on Tuesday why people voted for former reality TV stars to lead the country. Explained.

“The first is to get some of these left-wing loons. [to] Remove their boots from my neck. I don’t need it, I should be a free American with the ability to think for myself, “Huckabee told Fox and Friends.

“If my view is as terrible as they think, no one will follow them,” Huckabee said.

Katie Couric’s “descending, elitist” remarks retire from “deprogramming” Republicans, critics say

Liberal journalist and social media voices have stepped up their call to “deprogram”, deplatform, or completely threaten the right-wing voice in the aftermath of the deadly Capitol riots earlier this month.

Former CBS News anchor Katie Couric opposes impeaching President Trump on January 6 for inciting a riot during a real-time appearance with Bill Maher on Friday. Tore the Republican lawmaker who threw.

“The problem is how to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the Trump cult,” Kulik said.

Her words reflect the words of Eugene Robinson, a liberal Washington Post columnist in the aftermath of the riots, where Trump mobs attacked the Capitol building in a deadly brawl.

“Millions of Americans, almost all whites, almost all Republicans, somehow need deprogramming,” Robinson told MSNBC last week, calling them members of the “Trumpist Cult.” called.

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Huckabee claimed that Trump’s supporters had “no cult,” but rather stood with Israel by “standing up for the dignity of life and moving the embassy there” that President Trump did for the country. Reset people’s nations, and the Middle East, who “thank” actions such as “being”. “

“I’m glad he has cut taxes, deregulated businesses and has the most jobs in the history of the country among Hispanics, blacks and women. As he opposed China. We’re glad we’re not rolling, because these communists continue to steal all of our information and data, and all the secrets and innovations we’ve created, “says Hackaby. It was.

“There are some things that even the left can say,’What do you know? President Trump has done some good things,’ but they can’t, and they can’t. Is what follows the cult, the cult on the left, it somehow thinks they are always right, they are never wrong, and the rest of us are crazy. “

David Rutz of Fox News contributed to this report.

Huckabee pushes back the call of “deprogramming” Trump voters: “leftist cult”

Source link Huckabee pushes back the call of “deprogramming” Trump voters: “leftist cult”

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