Huawei executives return home when China releases two Canadians

Shenzhen – Executives from China’s global communications giant Huawei Technologies returned from Canada on Saturday night after a legal reconciliation that also saw the release of two Canadians owned by China, involving Ottawa, Beijing and Washington. It could end a three-year feud.

Huawei’s chief financial officer and daughter of the company’s founder, Meng Wanzhou, will board a charter jet from flag carrier Air China at Huawei’s southern technology hub in Shenzhen on Saturday. Arrived at night.

Her return to Japan, meeting with a group of flag-waving airline employees, was broadcast live on state television, demonstrating that Beijing linked her case to Chinese nationalism and emerged as a global economic and political power. Emphasized.

Wearing a red dress that matches the color of the Chinese flag, Meng helped her over 1,000 days in house arrest in Vancouver, where she owns two multi-million dollar mansions. We thank the ruling Communist Party and its leader Xi Jinping.


Meng said, “We have finally returned to the warm embrace of our country. As a normal Chinese citizen who has experienced this difficult time, we have always felt the warmth and concern of the party, the people and the people.”

On the same day, former diplomat Michael Kovrig and entrepreneur Michael Spavor were released and returned to Canada. They were detained shortly after Canada arrested Meng on a US extradition request in December 2018. Many countries have named China’s actions “hostage politics,” but China has accused Ottawa of arbitrary detention.

After landing in Calgary, Alberta early Saturday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hugged the pair at the parking lot, following the equivalent of a high-priced prisoner exchange involving China, the United States and Canada.

“These two men have experienced incredibly difficult trials. For the past 1,000 days, they have shown strength, patience and elegance. We are all on it. Inspired, “Trudeau said earlier on Friday.


Meng, 49, has reached an agreement next year with a US federal prosecutor calling for dismissal of fraudulent charges against her. As part of a transaction known as a postponed prosecution agreement, she accepted the responsibility to misrepresent the company’s commercial transactions in Iran.

Shortly before she returned home, the Communist Party’s flagship People’s Daily declared the resolution of the case a “victory of the glory of the Chinese people” achieved by “the constant efforts of the Chinese government.”

“Evidence shows that this was a case of political persecution of Chinese citizens purely to curb China’s technological progress,” the newspaper said. “No force can prevent China from moving forward,” he added.

In an email statement, Huawei said it would continue to defend itself against the allegations. The company also said from Meng’s lawyer William W. Taylor III, “We have not pleaded guilty and fully hope that the indictment will be penalized and dismissed 14 months later.” rice field.


The incident caused a major rift in relations between China and Canada, and Beijing began regular broadside opposition to Canada’s judicial system, banning some imports from the country. In addition, two Canadians convicted of separate drug cases in China were sentenced to death in 2019. The third, Robert Schellenberg, was sentenced to 15 years in prison and suddenly sentenced to death after Meng’s arrest. It was not immediately clear whether those prisoners could receive any amnesty.

In Shenzhen, a 20-year-old job seeker at Huawei’s headquarters reiterated the government’s view that Meng’s arrest was caused by politics and competition with the United States over technology and global influence.

“I think (I think) was to stop Huawei’s development in the world,” he said, as is common among citizens speaking to Chinese foreign media, where the government is closely monitoring all speeches. Said the man who gave only the name, the king. That’s a very important reason. No one wants other countries to have better technology than they do. “


Huawei is the largest global supplier of network equipment for telephone and internet companies and a symbol of China’s progress towards a technological world power with great government support. It is also a subject of concern for U.S. security and law enforcement agencies, and authorities and analysts say U.S. and other Chinese companies ignore international rules and norms and steal technology and important personal information. It states that.

The proceedings against Meng began with a January 2019 indictment by the Justice Department under the control of former President Donald Trump. Huawei has accused it of stealing trade secrets and using a Hong Kong shell company called Skycom to sell its equipment to Iran in violation of US sanctions. The indictment also misleaded HSBC Bank into the company’s commercial transactions in Iran and charged Meng himself for fraud.

The indictment arose during the Trump administration’s widespread crackdown on Huawei over US government concerns that its products could encourage Chinese espionage. The administration blocked Huawei’s access to US components and technologies, including Google’s music and other smartphone services, and subsequently banned vendors around the world from using US technology to manufacture Huawei components. I did.


Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has insisted on Huawei and other Chinese companies that the technology is believed to pose a national security risk.

Huawei has repeatedly denied US government claims and security concerns about its products.

As part of a deal with Meng disclosed in a federal court in Brooklyn, the Justice Department dismisses fraudulent charges against her in December 2022, subject to certain conditions, including her non-dispute. I agreed. One of the de facto claims of the government. The Justice Department also agreed to withdraw Meng’s demand to be handed over to the challenging United States, ending the process that prosecutors said could last for months.

After appearing in a video conference for a hearing in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Meng appeared in a brief court in Vancouver and was released on bail while two Canadians were detained in a Chinese cell. rice field. It was stored 24 hours a day.


Outside the courtroom, Meng thanked the Government of Canada for supporting the rule of law, thanked the Canadian people, and apologized “for the inconvenience I caused.”

“For the last three years, my life has been upset,” she said. “It was a devastating time for me as a mother, wife, and executive of the company, but I believe every cloud has a silver lining. It’s really irreplaceable in my life. It was no experience. I will never forget all the good wishes I received. “

The video was also circulated online in Meng’s China talking at Vancouver International Airport. “Thank you for your country and thank the people of your country. You were my greatest pillar of support.”


Associated Press writers Eric Tucker of Washington, Rob Gillies of Toronto, Jim Mustian of New York, and Jim Morris of Vancouver, Canada contributed to this report.

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Huawei executives return home when China releases two Canadians

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