How To Write an Essay: Step-By-Step Guide


A student’s life is a roller coaster, especially if you are a freshman student. Adjusting in college takes time as many things are foreign to you. One of the biggest concerns of most students is how to tackle university assignments. Let’s have a look at how to write an essay.

Determine the type of essay

As you know, different subjects require you to write an essay of different types. To secure an extraordinary grade, it is wise that you study the requirements thoroughly and deduce which type of essay the examiner wants you to write. Typically you will find the following types of essays:

  • Persuasive;
  • Argumentative;
  • Expository;
  • Narrative;
  • Comparative and finally;

If your essay structure requires you to encourage the reader to embrace a particular perspective, you have to write a persuasive essay. If you have to describe a story, then you are about to write a narrative essay. Likewise, the provision of analysis locates you to an expository essay. Knowing what type of essay you are supposed to write ensures that the article is genuine and reliable. When you have a set target, you are more likely to stay focused and produce a relevant article.


As you now understand the kind of essay you have to write, you need to research and think about your write-up content. Take your essay as a puzzle that you have to solve by deep thinking. It may seem time-wasting initially, but you will realize it’s worth it as you score an A grade.

Start with a blank sheet and write the topic. Start thinking of the points you wish to cover, or believe are a requirement of your essay. It doesn’t have to be in order as it is rough and only for your understanding. Brainstorming helps you plan your composition according to the marks requirement. For example, if you have to write a paper for twenty marks, it is wise that you include at least fifteen genuine points. If brainstorming is not your cup of tea, you can always look for aid from various online essay writing companies.

Create an outline of your essay

After brainstorming comes the time to make a road map or create an outline. No matter how authentic the information is, it isn’t enough to secure all the marks. The way you put that info on paper counts. To make sure your essay is presentable, you need to create an outline. Start with an attractive heading under which you type all the points you aim to address. This makes it easy for you to fill up the relevant information. Finally, once you have completed all the essential points, you can add facts and figures to support your writing. This puts a positive impression on the reader and is proof that your article is well researched. Most students cannot develop a creative outline and use the internet to guide them for step by step essay writing.

Introduce your topic

When the examiner receives your paper, he first reads the introductory lines of your article. A catchy introduction is essential as it sets the tone of your entire essay. By the time your educational instructor reads the starting paragraph of your essay, they have already decided if they like or dislike your work.

You can begin with an engaging phrase or a unique quote. In some cases, you can also start by narrating an event in your life to grab the reader’s attention. Keep it exciting but make sure that you do not deviate from the topic. The starting paragraph must talk about the main point of your article. This gives you space to gradually build up your essay. You can continue by stating a thesis and then supporting it with valid arguments. You can learn how to write an essay from some reliable online agencies, and if you still find it challenging, you can place your orders there.

Write the body of your essay

After the introduction comes to the body of your article, under this section, you are required to give details about all the points displayed under the heading of the introduction. The main body of your essay is where you provide all the relevant facts and figures to support your thesis.

The paragraph length and quantity can vary according to the requirement. It is wise to keep your paragraphs brief and fluent. Every paragraph starts with a topic sentence. Then you build up your stance on the topic about why you support the topic sentence. Back it up with proofs and evidence. According to various essay guides, you can further support your argument with statistics and facts to make it genuine.

Proofread and edit

When you complete the essay, you cannot simply submit the final draft. It would be best to go through it several times, and you will find out various silly mistakes. Complete the written work at least two days before the final submission so that you have the time to proofread and edit your essay. Many students globally find this part boring and submit their work in a hurry to get over with the assignment. This can cost you your high grades. To deal with this problem, you can surf the internet and pick a few authentic online essay writing agencies. After placing an order, you can receive your order a couple of days before the actual submissions. These websites also provide you with essay writing guides along with free proofreading and edits.

Concluding your essay

If you go through writing samples from different online companies, you will realize that every great article has a proper closure. It’s like a review of the whole essay within three or four sentences. Your final sentences must be compelling and synchronize with the main topic. Make sure you avoid copying the exact information in the conclusion as it makes your essay vague.

The lengthy conclusion is also unpopular because the reader has already read all the main points. Try to keep the concluding paragraph brief, and it is completely okay if you decide on the conclusion first. Some students have a habit of jotting the conclusion in rough before starting their final essay. This helps them hover around the central idea of the essay.


These are some of the tips to help you write a college essay. Do not panic if you still are unable to write excellent articles. Select a few online writing agencies, and you are good to go. All you have to do is read reviews and place orders on the best writing agencies.

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