How to Spend a Weekend in Corpus Christi

Marvel at the coral exhibition at the Texas State Aquarium
Marvel at the coral exhibition at the Texas State Aquarium

Texas has so many brilliant spots to explore that it’s hard to pick one, but this time around we’ve chosen the beautiful seaside city of Corpus Christi. Its immaculate beaches are sheltered from the rough Atlantic by the Mustang and Padre Islands, making it the perfect place for a safe swim and sunbathe. Its bustling culture and love of traditional Texan cuisine make it a great spot for foodies. Its incredible aquarium and dedication to protecting the natural environment make it the dream destination for wildlife lovers. Overall, it has a little something for everyone, so if you’re wondering about spending a holiday close to home this year, Corpus Christi might be a good place to consider.

On the Way There

Being able to drive to your vacationing spot is one of the real bonuses of holidaying close to home. As you drive into Corpus Christi you’ll notice a sign for Robstown. This town is certainly a lot smaller than its highfaluting neighbor but has an interesting history. Robstown was the official birthplace of Texas Hold’em poker, so if you’re in the know when it comes to poker rules, it would certainly be a check off the list to say you’d played a few rounds in the birthplace of the great game.

Once you’re out of Robstown you’ll be entering into the city in the area of Calallen. This area is marked by the Nueces river to one side which is home to a variety of wildlife. You can drive as close as possible to the river and then stop the car and take a walk the rest of the way. On warm days you’ll often find deer and smaller mammals coming by for a drink, but all year round you’ll be able to spot wading birds.

Visit the Aquarium

The aquarium in Corpus Christi is so big and so brilliant that it’s the best in the state of Texas, earning it the name Texas State Aquarium. You’ll find it right by the ocean on the other end of town to Calallen. Its location here means it has the ability to offer open ocean swimming spaces to its larger residents. The aquarium has many different exhibits that showcase a lot of our native species that mostly remain hidden underwater. The coral reef exhibit is alive with brightly colored fish, delicate corals, and even majestic turtles. The Caribbean Sea exhibit is the favorite of many though, a huge sunken ship that makes the perfect backdrop for visitors to get a close look at some of the ocean’s most fierce predators, sharks. Arrive early in the morning to give yourself plenty of time to look around, you’ll need it!

Enjoy Grub and Gardens

Texas always has an incredible array of flowers in bloom thanks to the lovely warm climate. If you want to enjoy some botanicals and some breakfast though, then the place to be is Hester’s Cafe. This cute eatery is located in the beautiful Lamar Park and provides everything you could need at breakfast or lunch. The coffee is second to none and the homemade cakes and cookies are truly delicious. If you’re after something a little more substantial then grab yourself a sandwich and take it outside to eat on the deck and admire the views.

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