How to shave your face the right way

If you’re thinking about how to shave, you’re not alone. Cleaning up with a razor has become an almost lost art in this ultra-casual era. Most of the people we know seem to be happy with beards and permanent stubble unless they are in the Marines or playing for the Yankees. To be honest, this is a positive development. Scruff looks great. And the texture of some men’s hair simply can’t be shaving comfortably every day. But on a big day, or when you just want to be extra clean, there is no substitute for a close shave for many. (No, it doesn’t mean the kind of shaving you get with an electric razor.)

So, if you need a review of how to shave, or if you’re new to (welcome), we’ve put together a step-by-step guide. This is the surest way to prevent scars, cuts, razor burns, ridges and ingrown hair, and to have a very close, smooth shave each time. (Even if “every time” is twice a year.)

1. Wash your face with a cleanser and warm water

A warm wash of your face (with a gentle cleanser) will remove excess oil and dirt so you can shave with a clean canvas. Warm water also opens your pores, which essentially allows them to breathe more easily and erases everything trapped inside and helps prevent razor ridges and ingrown hair. ..

2. Use a scrub to smooth the skin

Physical scrubs lift dead skin cells from the skin and prevent razor dragging and pore clogging. You’ll get a smoother, closer shave, and you’ll enjoy the exfoliating skin-smoothing effect. But don’t rub too much. that is I’m trying to drag a sharp razor into my skin.

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3. Use pre-shave oil to condition skin and hair

Preshave oil creates an invisible protective layer on the skin and helps the razor slide smoothly over the skin. This layer also helps soften the beard and nurture the skin.

What may be included in the image: bottles, cosmetics, aftershave lotions

4. Apply shaving cream upwards

When applying shaving cream, lift your hair and move it upwards away from your face. This provides an overall smooth and accurate shave. The type of shaving cream or oil you use is up to you, but we recommend one that does not foam excessively, that is, it does not completely cover your beard.

5. Shave When Clean and sharp razor grain

When shaving, go in the direction that your hair moves. In other words, instead of feeling the friction of resistance, shave in the direction that you can hold your hand smoothly. Shaving forward reduces the chances of trapped hair under the surface of the skin getting caught and causing ingrown hair or red ridges. Rinse the blade with warm water between strokes to minimize friction and drag.

Do not push too hard. It’s much better to have to lather and enter the second pass than to push hard to bring all the hair and lots of skin.

And take care of your razor. Too many people are neglecting proper razor hygiene. The cartridge head or safety razor blade should be replaced every 4 shave (or every few weeks, whichever comes first). You need a sharp and clean blade every time. To keep it sharp for as long as possible, rinse the blade with hot water and store it upright in a cool, dry place until the next shave.

6. Rinse with cold water

After shaving, I would like to rinse everything with cold water. This helps close the pores and reduces their receptivity to bacteria and the like.

7. Apply aftershave

After rinsing clean, apply a soothing aftershave lotion to tone, whether it’s a balm, splash or lotion. (Many moisturizers are also effective as aftershaves.) This step helps keep the pores clean while calming the skin and preventing redness. Avoid anything that dries. In other words, it’s an alcoholic aftershave lotion.This is not Home alone..

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Please clean up without irritation.

How to shave your face the right way

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