How to read the interview with Prince Harry and Prince Megan of Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey said on Sunday night that Prince Harry and Megan, Duchess of Sussex, suspended their royal duties and she Pregnant second child.. In preview of CBS’s “Oprah with Megan and Harry: Prime Time Special” Megan accused the British royal family It is a lie about her that is actively encouraging.

When asked by Oprah about his life in the royal bubble and how he felt about the palace, Megan replied: The active role that “The Firm” plays in perpetuating falsehoods about us. “The Firm” is a common nickname for the royal family.

How to watch Opla’s interview with Prince Harry and Megan

Prince Harry and Prince Megan, Duchess of Sussex, saw with Oprah Winfrey in a future interview at CBS.

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confirmed the allegations first reported by The Times of London on Wednesday. Megan married Harry In 2018, an unnamed staff member accused her of “emotional atrocities and manipulations” and resigned two aides.

In a rare move, Buckingham Palace said Wednesday that it was “clearly very concerned about the Times’ allegations,” and its HR team “investigated the situation outlined in the article.”

“Probably the relationship between the two can now only be described as a full-scale war,” Roya Nikka, a royal correspondent at The Sunday Times, told . The couple’s interview with Oprah was recorded two weeks before the accusation was published.

In another preview of the interview, Harry said his “greatest concern was the repetition of history.” This is a clear reference to his late mother, Diana, the Welsh princess. His parents divorced in 1996 after a long and very open breakup. She died in a car accident a year after being chased by a paparazzi. Harry was 12 years old when Harry died.

“For me, I’m really relieved and happy to be able to sit here and talk to you with my wife,” Harry said. “Many years ago, I went through this process myself and couldn’t imagine how her life was. It was incredibly hard for us two, but at least we were with each other.” ”

Harry Said to James Corden In February, he felt the British press was “toxic.”

“Everyone knows what the British press looks like and it was destroying my mental health … I said,’This is toxic,'” the prince said on CBS. He told Corden in an interview that aired. “So I did what any husband or father would do — like,” I need to take my family out of here. ” “

An interview with Harry and Megan took place when his grandfather, Prince Philip, 99, was hospitalized for more than two weeks.On Thursday, Buckingham Palace said he had Successful surgery For existing heart disease.

How to read the interview with Prince Harry and Prince Megan of Oprah Winfrey

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