How To Put Afterpay Into Action At Your In-Store

One of the ways to stay competitive in today’s retail market is enabling your clients to purchase from you most conveniently and cost-effectively possible. And this involves helping them budget for their shopping, so they can enjoy your product or service stress-free. That is where afterpay comes in.

Afterpay refers to a purchase now pay later service that lets you get payments for bought items upfront while allowing your clients to pay in four monthly installments. If your clients pay on time, they pay no additional money.

Afterpay places everyone involved in a win-win condition. Your clients can acquire their purchases ASAP as they budget for the estimated payments. As a retailer, you get upfront payment for the items, allowing you better manage your cash flow and not get to worry about running after payments. Afterpays are also a great way to support client retention and repeat purchases.For example, in your phone accessories counter, you can use decals that show how phone cases afterpay operate.

How To Promote Afterpay In-Store

You have already been approved to render afterpay. However, to get the full benefit from the service. You have to make sure you are actively promoting it in-store.

Undoubtedly, afterpay is an amazing solution. However, if your clients don’t understand how, you render it, they won’t use it. Therefore, to get the most out of it, you can apply these tips on how you can encourage your clients to use afterpay when purchasing at your store.

Use Afterpay Countertop Decals And Signage

Decals and signage give a faint but effective way of telling your clients about afterpay. The fortunate truth is that it is super easy to acquire the items and materials you require. Afterpay contains a retail resource section on its website that allows you to download in-store item packs. You can immediately print out the item and then display them in-store. Alternatively, you can request a window countertop or decal strut cards.

Luckily, you can leverage a combination of educational and promotional afterpay materials in your store. For instance, you can plant a simple decal on your entrance door, which says “afterpay available.” You can also use decals and cards that have more information.

In addition, if you are including cards in an individual’s shopping bags, you can give even more information about the afterpay benefits and how to use them.

Apply Afterpay In Your Cross-Selling Or Upselling Efforts

If you cross-sell or upsell in your store, which you should actually do, mentioning afterpay is key in sealing the deal. When it comes to buying extra items, most clients hesitate due to the cost. But knowing they can budget for these items by paying in installments could reduce their worry.

Use a different script from the above to establish afterpay in your conversations. For example, if your client is looking for a phone, and you know that you have a paired purse in stock, you can mention the purse and let the client know about afterpay while you are at it.

Afterpay has proven benefits for both merchants and consumers, and it is drastically taking up the market. So, if you are not rendering phone cases afterpay in your mobile phone and accessories in-store, it is high time to do so.

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