How to prevent the death of hot cars

When outside temperatures skyrocket, conditions in your car will become suffocating. Even with cracked windows, the climate in the cab of your car can jump significantly within minutes, causing an extremely dangerous situation for everyone inside.

If you find a child, older adult or pet alone in a vehicle, be sure to do so ACT

A = Avoid heat stroke tragedies

Young children are natural explorers. Lock your doors and place the keys out of the reach of curious hands. Take the necessary precautions to prevent them from getting stuck in the car or in the trunk of the car. It is very important that you never leave a baby sleeping or awake alone in the car. A baby’s body heats up faster than an adult’s.


C = Create reminders

Create reminders such as calendar reminders or location-based reminders on your device about when you arrived or when you left for your destination, so be sure to check the back seat.

Other options include placing a work bag, handbag or other equipment in the back seat to serve as a thoughtful suggestion.

T = Take action

Take action and seek help by calling 911 for immediate assistance if you find a child or adult alone in a vehicle. Pets left in cars are just as susceptible to injuries and deaths caused by heat. Don’t forget to dial 311 to get help from them.

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How to prevent the death of hot cars

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