How to prevent Alexa from ruining gift surprises

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If you own an Echo, Amazon’s smart voice assistant Alexa will automatically tell you what’s being delivered. This is useful if you need to update the package, but it can be overstated.

For example, Alexa could spill beans on a Christmas present when the child is in the room, saying, “The new PlayStation 5 has just been delivered.”

If you want to leave a surprise element in your holiday gifts ordered by others, you can turn this feature off in the Alexa app. This is what you need to do:

  • Open Alexa on your smartphone.
  • [設定]Tap.
  • Select a notification.
  • Select Amazon Shopping.
  • Under the “Make Alexa say or show the title of the ordered item” section, clear the checkbox titled “About items in the delivery update”.

You also have the option to remove updates for items in your shopping cart marked as gifts. This means that you will continue to receive updates for other packages, which relies on properly marking the gift when ordering. There’s a lot going on around the holidays, so it might be safer to turn off all notifications in case you forget to flag something as a gift.

How to prevent Alexa from ruining gift surprises

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