How to Improve Security in Healthcare Facilities

When patients are admitted to a hospital, they should not have to worry about their personal things getting stolen or a stranger entering their room. But unfortunately, medical facilities  often become the target of hostile environments and malevolent behaviors, putting both patients and healthcare workers at risk. Incorporating the strictest policies and the latest security measures has become essential to keep things in order.

What Can You Do To Mitigate Security Risks?

Video surveillance is an imperative part of ensuring hospital security. Cameras operate 24/7 and monitor different activities around the hospital. By monitoring threats in real-time with security consoles, hospital employees can take the appropriate measures to prevent violence, break-ins, trespassers, or other potential crimes. Cameras can also provide visual evidence to law enforcement if criminal activity or other harmful events occured within or around the hospital.

Monitoring access is a great way to enhance hospital security by knowing who enters the medical facility and why. If everyone has to check-in at the entrance, then it will be much easier to track suspicious visitors that might cause trouble for the patients or the hospital. Patients can be monitored with bracelets, staff members can be monitored with badges, and even visitors can be tracked with wristbands. The hospital should also closely monitor all entry points so that only those who are permitted can get in.

Alarm systems can alert everyone in the hospital in case of danger from violence, fire, or severe weather conditions. Having speakers located throughout the facility is a simple and quick way to get a message out. Moreover, alarms installed on doors, cabinets and equipment with restricted access can be a deterrent to theft and enable immediate responses from a security team.

With adoption of healthcare security applications, hospitals can ensure that their medical facility is safe from all kinds of threats. In addition, they will have peace of mind knowing that an integrated security system is guarding the hospital so employees can focus on doing their job instead of their safety. At Kepler Team, we’ve combined our knowledge and expertise to develop healthcare security solutions to keep hospitals guarded and protected.  Contact us for more information.

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