How to Identify which team you should bet on

Betting on the NFL.

If you are new to the world of sports gambling, the NFL is a good place to start. But knowing which team is best to bet on can be hard to figure out when you are just starting up. Understanding how you can choose the best team to bet on gets you ahead in the game.

The NFL has become almost as popular in gambling as it is for fans watching the game. Millions of people enjoy slapping a couple of bucks on the games, and some people will wager a lot on a game. Don’t be discouraged by phrases like ‘betting against the spread’, if you aren’t sure about what this means, it’s okay. We’ve got you covered.

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Choosing a team to bet on.

Some people will bet money simply by thinking ‘oh that team will definitely beat that team’, however, when you are talking about end of season playoffs, there is no guarantee that the team will even make it that far. There are so many obstacles in the NFL that there is no knowing what will happen that far down the line.

What everyone pays attention to is the wagers, point spread bets, money line bets, and total bets. These will always be grouped together, and understanding how this works can help you choose the right team, and win some dough.

Betting the point spread.

The most popular way to bet on football is to bet ‘against the spread’. There are a few phrases you may hear when it comes to referencing the ‘spread’, you can bet against the spread, bet the spread, there is also point spread betting, or simply ATS.

It is rare that a football game is a perfect matchup, and the spread is the books’ way of leveling out the field. In order to win a point spread bet, or ‘cover it’, the favored team doesn’t only have to win the game, but they must also do so by a specific number of points, i.e. the spread.

This encourages equal betting on both teams, so it basically gives points to the underdog. You can find spreads with half points attaché stop, which is known as a ‘hook’, avoiding the possibility of a push/ tie.

This does involve some math, so imagine a Giants/ Cowboys game. Say the Dallas Cowboys have  -5.5  and the New York Giants have +5.5, in this case if you bet on the Cowboys they need to win the game by at least 6 points for you to win. An easier way to look at this is to take away these 5.5 points from Dallas’ score at the end of the game, and if the Cowboys still have more points than the opposition after subtracting these 5.5 points, then they cover the spread, and you win.

The Money line.

If you bet the money line, you simply pick the team that will mind. The odds will dictate your payout in the books’ probability. By looking at the money line, you will be able to tell how much you need to bet on the team to win. Imagine that the Dallas money line is -200, this tells you would need to wager $200 to win $100.

Betting Totals

If you bet totals, then you are no longer focusing on which team will win the game, but how many points will be scored overall. Odds will usually be the same if you bet over or under, and the total can change over the course of the week. If you do this, be sure to choose over or under, and you will see the total listed at the end. This is the least popular betting option.

It’s less about which team you prefer, and more about which team is the most likely to give you financial gain if you place the bet. It is your choice how you do this.

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