How to Help India During the Catastrophic COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 Crisis continues Devastate India The official death toll is close to 220,000, and many believe that the actual death toll is much higher.

There is a disastrous vaccine shortage, a very low oxygen and PPE supply, and a large amount of cremation. Anger at the government over slow response is growing day by day. The United States has recently restricted travel from the country.

As the world steps up in it Call to support IndiaThe Royal Challengers Bangalore, a national cricket league team, announced on Sunday an initiative to fund “healthcare infrastructure related to oxygen support” nationwide. The team will also wear special blue uniforms, auction off signed jerseys and raise funds for the initiative in honor of frontline workers.

For those looking for a way to contribute directly RescueBelow is a list of organizations seeking donations that provide India with oxygen, food, medicine, PPE and other forms of support.

  • Care India supplies PPE to frontline workers and helps establish temporary COVID-specific hospitals and care centers throughout India. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have supplied over 39,000 PPE kits, 220,000 masks, and thousands of gallons of disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

  • UNICEF offers oxygen concentrators, test systems, PPE kits and personal care products.

  • Project HOPE is working with the Government of India to deliver medicines to the most devastated areas of India, train front-line healthcare professionals and educate the community on how to stop COVID and its epidemic.

  • Americares supplies oxygen concentrators, ventilators, PPE kits, masks, disinfectants, thermometers and other medical devices. It also provides telemedicine counseling and drug delivery to help educate the community about illness.

  • GiveIndia’s India COVID Response Fund includes a wide range of fundraising activities to support the supply of oxygen, medical beds, sanitary napkins, food, and to fund medical and quarantine support.

  • The Indian Red Cross provides blood donations and equipment deliveries nationwide.

  • The Indian Development Association provides direct relief services, including delivering groceries and other goods to those directly affected by the pandemic. We have also set up a COVID-19 information helpline and help desk in rural areas to work directly with grassroots community organizations.

  • Vibha is working to establish a vaccination center by helping to provide food and hygiene kits for families, oxygen concentrators to hospitals.

  • The American Association of Physicians from India, which represents more than 80,000 practitioners in the United States, is using donations to provide oxygen concentrators to India.

  • Oxfam India provides PPE, supplies food and cash to the most hit people, works with policy makers to ensure vaccine availability and supports India’s overall public health system. I am.

  • India’s crowdfunding platform Ketto is raising funds for oxygen supply.

  • The American India Foundation supports oxygen, medical beds, refrigeration equipment, community engagement and education.

How to Help India During the Catastrophic COVID-19 Crisis

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