How to give yourself a buzz cut

If you don’t know how to do your own buzz cut, first of all, be aware that there aren’t many DIY haircuts that we recommend managing. Indeed, the pandemic era has forced some of us to go extremely far (whether it hacks kitchen haircuts or skips them altogether), but it’s also a lot of people. Satisfied with the concept of DIY home buzz cut. And many of you are pretty good at it. The refreshing choice of cutting it all off is always an option, whether pandemic or not. And whether you accept hair loss or just love what short hair looks like to you, buzz cut is a universally sharp look, regardless of your reason. It also requires little styling and is easy to maintain.

But before you pick up your beard trimmer and go to town, the proper way to buzz cut with the expertise of one of our favorite barbers in business, Mildred’s owner and lead barber. Please read the procedure. new York.

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1. Get a good hair clipper

The beard trimmer rarely exerts enough force on the hair on the head. The hair on the head is much denser than the thickest beard. Instead, you need to get a hair clipper that can easily ring your head in one stable dive, rather than start, stop, and jam many times. Guards are also much more reliable in that they navigate all the contours of their head without looking like a hack can Theoretically, hair clippers are used for the beard, but they may not be agile enough to navigate delicate areas such as the upper lip.

If you don’t have one yet, you’ll need a handheld mirror to work on the sides and back. Like driving on the freeway, blind spots can be dangerous.

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Simple handheld mirror

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2. Wash your hair and study your scalp

Just like when you go to a hairdresser, it’s important to have your freshly washed hair ready before you start cutting. This allows you to rest in a natural way, rather than in the direction of styling or sleeping on your hair. In addition, it is very difficult to slice hair that is clogged with the product. So give it all the shampoo-and maybe hold the conditioner until you wash away all the cutouts.

Next, McMillen proposes to carefully audit the scalp. That is, look for moles, skin tags, scars, and more. “You may not want to make a noise near these. Consider relaxing the guards one or two settings,” he says. It is best to avoid the Sweeney Todd situation here.

3. First timer: Buzz a little longer than you want

If this is your first rodeo, play safely. You can increase the trim at any time, but you cannot add anything. So if you think you need a 1/4 inch buzz, # 3 guard, start with a 0.5 inch # 5 and see what it looks like. If you still want to make it shorter, work down. Slowly and steadily with the first timeout from the gate.

4. Against the side grain

McMillen recommends buzzing against the particles of hair growth. That way, you can push your hair up as you cut it. When it gets lively with grain, you can prevent some of your long hair from lying down and being cut completely. It’s easiest to start with sideburns and buzz upwards against the grain. “Once you get behind your head, go through the crown,” says McMillen. “This is a good time to stop and clean the clippers and make sure they keep cutting smoothly.”

5. Next, work on the top

Now that the sides are complete, move to the top of your head. But this is a place that can be a little tricky. This is because the hair becomes spiral and tracking becomes more complicated. It’s a green light for you to enjoy a little and mow to your heart’s content. Move the clipper back and forth and run again after the first pass. Then do that too left and right. Repeat as needed.

6. Spot check or repeat everything with short settings

If you want to make it shorter, start with a small guard and start over. You need to pass around the dome a dozen times so you don’t miss a spot.

How to give yourself a buzz cut

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