How to Get Live Updates of Someone’s location Online

Are you looking for some easy ways to find someone’s location without letting them know? We have a solution for you.

More and more people are adopting technology to stay updated with the location of their loved ones. We have seen thousands of platforms offering such services to their customers. However, each solution is for a different audience and people may find it difficult to find the right method for their needs.

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Today, we are going to share different methods to find someone’s location that will help you decide which one is the best choice for you. We will also share the most effective solution for the job.

All you need is to check out all these methods and read our guide to understand how to start. After that, you can start your research and find someone’s location easily.

Let’s begin with the first method that we have for you.

Method1: Using a Phone Lookup Service

This method is helpful when you do not have a connection with the person whose location you want to check. That is the reason why it is most effective as you do not need to have any information about that person. All you need is the phone number and you can use this service to find out anything you want.

Phone number lookup is a service that lets you check all the public information related to a phone number. It works like a search engine where you can search a database for all the available information on the internet. A lot of people are using these services to find details of a person.

It is important to know that the search results offer you the details of the person using that phone number (including location). Thus, the method will make it much easier to find someone’s location.

We recommend using CocoFinder for the job.

It is a quite popular platform to find public information online. We recommend the solution as it provides a free and secure way to complete your search. You do not even need to worry about them finding out about you.

Easy Ways to Use CocoFinder’s Phone Number Lookup

Follow these steps to use this service:

  • Visit CocoFinder’s website directly or search it on Google
  • Click on the Phone Lookup option from the homepage
  • Wait for it to redirect you to the service page
  • Enter the phone number of the person whose location you want to check
  • Choose the state where they live
  • Hit the search button and use the report to find the location of the person

Tip: You will find their address in the identity section of the report. You can also type in the phone number and find the location on CocoFinder.

Method2: Using WhatsApp Location Updates

Almost everyone is using WhatsApp these days. If you want to stay updated with the location of your loved one, WhatsApp has an excellent solution for you. WhatsApp rolled out a feature in 2017 that lets you share your real-time or one-time location with your contacts.

The tool is quite helpful in getting some quick updates on someone’s location. All you need is to add the person to your contacts list and click on the media sign to share the location with them.

The only thing is that the person must be using WhatsApp messenger and requires a GPS-enabled mobile phone. This one is the easiest method to get someone’s location updates on your smartphone.

The only problem you may face is that some people do not feel comfortable using WhatsApp messenger. In such cases, you will need to use other methods from this list. However, if both of you have WhatsApp messenger, you can use this service to share location updates.

Easiest Way to Share Location With WhatsApp

Follow these steps to share location on WhatsApp:

  • Choose the person from the contacts with whom you want to share the location
  • Click on the ‘attachments logo and choose the location option from there
  • Set the time for which you want to share your live location with the person
  • Click on the ‘share’ button and it will send the location updates to the other contact

You can continue using the same method with different contacts without facing any problems. Also, you do not need to worry about using third-party applications as most people are already using WhatsApp for messaging.

Method3: Using Phone Tracking Applications

This method is a bit lengthy but works as one of the most effective ways to get someone’s location updates without even letting someone know about it. The method includes using a phone tracking application to connect to someone’s smartphone virtually and accessing their information.

It requires you to use a phone monitoring application. These applications work by establishing a connection between your online account and the targeted device. Once you verify the connection, you can start accessing that device remotely.

The funny thing is that there is no way for the other person to know someone is checking their location updates. However, we recommend using them for legal purposes such as monitoring employee or kid’s activities.

This way, you can keep getting the location updates of the device without worrying about the solution.

How to Use Phone Monitoring Applications?

Every application comes with a different way to connect the device with the online account. In most cases, you need to install an application on the targeted Android device. In the case of an iPhone, you need to verify the iCloud details and you will get access to that iPhone without even touching it.

You will find all the updates you need simply by checking out the website of the solution you intend to use.

Final Words

If you were looking for a smart way to get someone’s location updates, the above methods are for you. We included different types of solutions that will work in almost all possible situations. All you need is to choose the method by considering your requirements.

It will help you start tracing the location of any smartphone remotely. Also, you can visit the websites that we recommend to learn more about them.

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