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If anything on that list is unfamiliar to you, it suggests a starting point for your research. Heather Winston, Principal Financial Group’s Assistant Director of Advice and Financial Planning, said:

Stick to the basics and continue learning

Before adding complexity, make sure that:

— Save. It’s an essential habit.

-budget. If you don’t have a formal budget, check online for budgeting.

— Emergency planning. You can’t prevent unexpected expenses. But emergency funds, good credit, insurance, or all of them can prevent them from ruining your finances.

Then protect your access to your money and credits. Method is as follows.

Check your credit score and report, Anderson suggests. Lenders and potential landlords and employers may see them, so it’s wise to know what’s there. In addition, large fluctuations in your score or your credit report account that you are not aware of may indicate theft of your personal information.

You can check your credit report for free at Many personal financial sites and credit card issuers offer access to free credit scores.

How to fill your financial blind spot | Lifestyle

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