How to Choose a Good Money Counter Machine for Your Business

A money counter machine can be a must-own item while you are at your business or restaurant. They simply count your money by scanning the cash you place in the pocket of the money counter machine. They determine the denomination of the money and provide you with the total amount of the bill stack.

Why RIBAO Money Counter Machine:

Ribao Technology useself-developed ACR technology to design the best money counters available. It is our experience and professionalism that have made us one of the best money counter-producing companies in the United States. We take good care ofusers’ time, that’s why we develop the lightning-quick money counter machine. Since fraudsters and other criminals are rampant more than before we have developed good items to protect you from losses at their hands. Money counter machines are non-stop and suit a large amount of cash handling. There are several built-in features inmoney counter machines that can best suit your requirements. Here are some features of Ribao cash counters:


At RIBAO Technology USA Inc we design the quickest money counter machines in the world. We develop money counting machines with 2 pockets that hugely save your time. The two pockets of the machine make the counter non-stop. Additionally, the two pockets can help you by counting a large sum of money at once.

Counterfeit Detection:

To protect you from rampant malicious actors, Ribao money counter machines use self-developed ACR technology for counterfeit detection. An advanced counterfeit detection sensor 2CIS, UV, MG, MT, and IR, ensures 100% accurate counting, and protect your business from loss. This anti-counterfeit technology can save you from revenue loss at the hands of fraudsters.

Multi-currency Handler:

Advanced money counter machines are very good at detecting various currencies. You just need to place the type of money you want to count in the upper pocket and the machine will give you the total sum in a few seconds.

Mixed Bill Detection:

Even if your bill stacks include mixed denominations, Ribao money counter machine can detect the mixed denomination bills throughrecognizing first bill’s denomination. Ribaocounter machines also have the ability to sort the bills placed up and down. They also sort the bills in the same orientation as placed. Furthermore, they cancount the total quantity of bills.

Additional Features:

There are some additional features in Ribao money counter machines that can best match your requirements. Ribao money counter machines never stop counting even for suspect notes, worn notes, or incorrect denominations. While at the work you have to deal with suspicious bills,machines simply kick the suspicious bills to reject pocket to save your time. As mentioned abovemoney counting machines have two pockets that can do 30% faster sorting of mixed bills than one pocket money counter machine. Ribao money counter have a fully openable back cover that makes it easier for you for jam removal and daily cleaning.


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