How Tech Innovations are Fueling 4 Major Industries in the U.K.

Major innovations in technology have a way of making an influence on every type of industry, no matter their size or importance in the bigger market view. After all, 21st century technology has proven to have a great affect on how businesses communicate, develop, and ultimately grow in their sales and revenue.

Technology has changed the way we work. In the U.K. specifically, a variety of important sectors have experienced the advantages of technology as a fuel to their fires, improving various aspects of operations and producing tangible benefits for the long- and short-term business landscape. In this article we take a look at just a few of these industries which are prospering thanks to the application of technology resources.

The Healthcare Industry

The U.K.’s healthcare system represents one of the best in the world, continually coming out on top in annual reports and representing a whopping 11% of national employment, whether in hospitals that are publicly or privately owned. Recently, the sector has undergone a digital transformation by implementing tech solutions to improve patient care, making it easier and more straightforward for individuals to book appointments, check records, and generally take control of their health. The utilisation of certain mobile applications is one example, as well as the digitisation of hospitals where IT and the NHS work hand in hand to deliver the best quality care.

black keyboard

Major technological innovations in the U.K. gaming industry are causing the sector to garner more and more users each day

The Gaming Industry

The health sector isn’t the only job-producing industry in the United Kingdom. The games business has also proven to be a hub for employment especially in the past year, with more than 50,000 people working for it in some capacity, whether through design, programming, or software development. Within the gaming sector, U.K.-based online casinos are doing particularly well, with a collective value of approximately 14.22 billion GBP. Because tech innovations are constantly allowing more and more games to reach the digital surface, classic casino activities like blackjack and roulette now exist outside the walls of brick-and-mortar facilities. In fact, nowadays players can even choose between regular roulette and a live version that brings a real croupier onto the screen. Here, since players can interact and chat with their own dealer, live roulette comes close to a real-life gameplay experience. All of this would not be possible without tech developments which are improving connectivity in the gaming world and beyond.

The Financial Industry

The financial industry and tech innovations practically go hand-in-hand. And seeing as the U.K. is one of the biggest leaders for financial services with an extremely high concentration of major playmakers in the global market, it is no surprise that technology plays an important role in the country’s financial institutions. Currently, the U.K.’s digital banking environment reports that 83% of both small- and medium-sized enterprises make use of mobile banking. London in particularly sits at the forefront of this momentous innovation, boasting a large percentage of Fintech companies that are making figures like this possible. Other major tech trends in the U.K. financial market include Big Data and Artificial Intelligence just to name a few.

white drone in mid air

In the U.K., drones are currently used for land and building surveillance

The Transport and Logistics Industry

Last but not least, the transport and logistics industry in the U.K. is a major contributor of overall economic capital, with an average 700,000 people being employed within the sector. Technology leads the market with new innovations each year, and nowadays major trends like electric trucks and drone inspections are all the rage. Some of the best UAVs on the market are operating in the U.K. transportation sector to improve connectivity and reduce congestion caused by an increase in traffic. As the industry continues to grow in light of tech innovations, smarter solutions are set to be integrated so that both employees and customers can experience the benefits.

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