How Many Guns Can You Legally Own In Texas?

Texas is one of the most populated states in the US, and more than 1 million of its people are active holders of hand and long guns. The state’s gun regulations usually focus on controlling gun-carrying rather than prohibiting gun ownership.

The Texas constitution grants every Texan the freedom to “keep and carry weapons mostly in the legal defense of himself or the State.” But, it also provides the government the authority to “regulate the wearing of arms” to avoid harm. This means that people can legally keep and carry a firearm in their houses or public, but with strict restrictions and only if the government has lawfully approved the owner.

The number of guns a Texan can legally own in Texas may vary because of some legal considerations. Below are some factors that can affect a person’s eligibility to carry a gun in the state and the number of firearms he’s allowed to possess.

The amount may vary because of the gun-type

A specific limit might be different when you have a handgun compared to holding a rifle. Rifles are riskier, so people who own them use devices that will help minimize drawbacks. They usually choose between muzzle brakes vs. flash hiders as these are the ones that are highly recommended in avoiding drastic recoils when firing a rifle.

Because it is a high risk, people are only allowed to purchase a single rifle in Texas and under the condition that the buyer is of legal age and the purchase is not prohibited.

Rifles with barrel lengths of less than 35 cm and shotguns with less than 18 inches are prohibited under the State’s and federal law. However, if you register these firearms, as well as silencers and other assistive devices, you may be approved for an exemption. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives will be in charge of the registration, and there’s a $200 tax charge to complete the process.

The number of firearms will depend on the person’s credibility to purchase

Certain groups of individuals, including criminals and people convicted of domestic violence crimes, are prohibited from acquiring or owning weapons under the Texas law, which mirrors federal prohibitions. This means that if someone is classified as a threat to the public and is currently in conflict with the state’s law, they are not allowed to have any legal rights of acquiring any form of firearms.

This might be unfair to some, but in a place where people can carry a gun in public places, this precautionary measure is a good move to protect the citizens from any possible harm.

As long as you comply with all the requirements, you will be able to purchase guns of your choice.

In Texas, as long as a person reaches a certain level or passes a particular qualification, like reaching a legal age of 21, the government shall then issue a permit for the person’s request. If someone of legal age would like to own a handgun for safety purposes legally, he must first submit all the requirements and accomplish all the needed actions to be a qualified gun owner.

If he succeeds, the state shall then issue him a license to carry right away. So, as long as you pass every time you choose to purchase a gun and can obtain a legal license to carry, you won’t have a problem owning more than one firearm.

Even if Texas gives its people the freedom to protect themselves from any possible danger, always remember that guns, like any other things and circumstances, should be handled with utmost responsibility and care.

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