How long Bitcoin (BTC) will continue to grow and where to find the best free forex signals

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped by about $ 1,000 after hitting $ 46,700 on Aug 10, and at the time of writing, BTC is trading in the $ 45,750 range. So what are the expectations for Bitcoin prices from now on?

Significant levels in bitcoins.

According to analyst statements on the bitcoin price:

  • $ 40,000, $ 39,000 and $ 38,000 are currently seen on the charts as strong supports;
  • While $ 46,000 and $ 48,000 are considered resistance levels.

In addition, according to analysts of SafeTrading who have stated that BTC is currently trading between two important resistance levels, the price of Bitcoin may continue to trade horizontally for a while. At the moment, analysts say that there may be a noticeable rise in altcoins. In fact, the consequences of this situation have become visible in today’s altcoin market.

If buying pressure increases.

Bitcoin analysts say if buying pressure increases, the first target price will be $ 50,000. However, it is argued that resistance could be in the $ 48,000 range. It is argued that the first resistance above $ 50,000 may be in the $ 51,500 band, but with buying pressure, the rally to $ 60,000 may begin.

After $ 60,000, strong resistance is likely to be met from the $ 65,000 range and the rally will continue to $ 72,000, which will be recorded as the next all-time high.

At this stage, it should be borne in mind that investing is very important in terms of risks, given that bullish expectations only reflect the thoughts of analysts and that any movement in the cryptocurrency market can happen at any time.

If sales pressure increases

If BTC is not under pressure from sellers and investors start taking profits, then it can be traded as support levels of $ 42,000 followed by $ 40,000. Below $ 40,000, the first strong support is expected in the $ 38,000 range.

In addition, analysts say the strong support of $ 28,000 this time could be broken if it declines, while analysts say there could be a drawdown towards $ 18,000.

The hacker who carried out the $ 611 million DeFi attack is ready to return the funds.

The hacker behind the PolyNetwork hack stated in a message attached to the Ethereum transaction that he is ready to recover the stolen funds. In the text message in question, the hacker or hackers wrote:

  • “I am ready to return the fund!”

The hackers reported that they initially considered setting up a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and wanted the members to decide the fate of this stolen cryptocurrency wealth.

The hackers also highlighted that they have made one of the biggest advances in the history of decentralized finance (DeFi) and that they don’t really “give a damn” about money.

Now the person behind the attack states that he no longer intends to create a DAO to become a “legend.”

Poly Network’s appeal to a hacker.

Poly Network, on the other hand, desperately sent a request letter that began with the words “Mr. Hacker.” Here he asks a hacker to return the stolen funds. The letter says:

  • “The amount of money you stole is the largest in DeFi history. The security forces of all countries will consider this a serious economic crime and will follow you. The money you stole belongs to tens of thousands of people in the crypto community, that is, people’s money. “

Popular cross-chain platform Poly Network has confirmed that more than $ 611 million in assets have been stolen, including various cryptocurrencies. The network also revealed that these stolen funds were transferred to addresses on various networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Are Poly Network and Polygon (MATIC) the same thing?

After this latest attack, the crypto community began looking for answers to the question of whether Poly Network and Polygon (MATIC) are the same. A Polygon proponent, on the other hand, answers this question on Reddit, highlighting that the two projects are different. He says:

“Poly Network and Polygon (MATIC) are not the same thing. Poly Network has nothing to do with Polygon (MATIC). ”

What is Poly Network?

Poly Network, a protocol launched by the founder of the Chinese blockchain project Neo, runs on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains.

What are trading signals for forex

Trading Signals are a service that allows signal subscribers to receive recommendations on how to make deals in the Forex market or other markets from signal provider traders. Unlike analytical reviews, a trading signal is a specific place and time to open and close a position. All that remains for a signal subscriber to do is open an order with the appropriate parameters.

Moreover, depending on the type of trading signal, the market entry can be carried out automatically – say the analyst of SafeTrading.

best free forex signals

Types of trading signals

All trading signals can be divided into two categories:

  • For manual opening of positions;
  • For automatic opening of positions.

The supplier can send signals for manual entry into the market by e-mail, skype, SMS or other similar methods. The main disadvantage of this type of signals is that quite a long time can pass between their arrival and the opening of an order, while the price will have time to move far from the “signal” entry point. This is especially inconvenient when trading with market orders, not pending orders. Also you can find a lot of free forex signals on the SafeTrading website.

On the other hand, the nice thing about manual signals is that you can skip them when you disagree with the vendor’s forecast. Signals for automatic opening of positions are the most popular and convenient. The subscriber once sets up some parameters, for example, the volume of orders, and then everything happens fully automatically: the signal provider opens an order and the same order is opened on the subscriber’s account. The disadvantage of this type of signal is that you need to have high-quality (without interruptions in the connection) Internet and constant, without interruptions, electricity. Otherwise, signals will be skipped, which will undoubtedly affect the trading results. This disadvantage is eliminated by using a VPS server for free forex signals.

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