How Drugs Ruin the Lives of Students?

One of the most disastrous substance abuse issues in the world at present is teenage drug addiction. Unfortunately, for a huge number of teens, experimentation using drugs is one of the most crucial parts of growing up. They will most often not take into account the considerable risks involved and multiple career-destroying consequences. Many teenagers have ailments early in life which introduces them to prescription drugs. A habit that can linger even before they start using drugs recreationally. For some, experimentation with drugs is the result of peer pressure and social issues. A teen’s first bout with drugs can even occur due to an unsupervised visit to their parent’s medicine cabinet and these are just a few important facts about drugs.

Irrespective of the beginning of an adolescent’s first bout of drug use, abusing drugs is a very serious problem. There are countless write-ups available on the topic online. Many sites offer a service of keeping everyone informed about this problematic issue. this service will help you write an essay about drugs and you can always learn from these. 

 How Drugs Ruin the Lives of Students?

Drug Addiction in Adolescents

On average one in every 5 teenagers tends to admit that they use recreational drugs. There can be a lot of reasons for drug addiction. For a lot of them, it is a cry for help. It’s the young minds searching desperately for something that will help them relieve the burden of a multitude of responsibilities that have suddenly been thrust upon their shoulders when they reached that age. Even though you would be correct in writing that early on, the drug use may be just to satiate their curiosity, it soon extends well beyond that. In the present day and age access to drugs is almost everywhere.

Peer pressure plays a big role and many teenagers, who have maybe not even entered college, are just trying to fit in with their social groups when they decide to indulge in substance abuse. Add that to poor impulse control of youth and drug dependence and even addiction, and you have the perfect recipe for an entire ‘student’ generation that is addicted to drugs. Searching for that balance within responsibilities, trying to medicate their own mental and/or emotional problems themselves, etc. – it’s almost like every single one of those individuals is looking for an escape. Talking of facts about drugs, here are the drugs most commonly consumed by teenagers,

  • Opioids
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana and Synthetic Marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • Methamphetamines
  • Inhalants
  • Adderall
  • Anabolic Steroids

How Drug Abuse Affects Students?

  1. HIV & TB – One of the leading reasons for HIV in any young student is drug use. Tuberculosis is also another problem that crops up, especially the drug-resistant variant.
  2. Other Diseases and Illnesses – Drug abusers who go for injection-administered drugs tend to run the risk of Hepatitis, Pneumonia, Bacterial Infection, etc. Any of these aforementioned diseases can jeopardise the life of a graduate.
  3. Child Development – Prolonged drug use can considerably harm the health of a developing fetus or give birth to an essay of problems in a female regarding child development in the body.
  4. Workplace – Absenteeism, accidents, counterproductive behaviour, etc. are all results of drug abuse that can wreak havoc in a person’s career.
  5. Violence – Drug abuse can easily lead to an individual becoming exceedingly violent.
  6. Education – Addiction leads to cognitive and behavioural difficulties. Addicted students disrupt classes, develop psychosocial problems and tend to excessively skip classes. Undoubtedly their education takes a massive hit.

What Social Problems Do They Have?

Being disconnected from their families is one of the major social issues of drug abuse. They’ll participate less in family occasions and provide lesser care. This heavily impacts their all-around development, including the building of social relations. Consumption of drugs is frowned upon by many parts of society. You can easily be thrown out of an educational institution, leaving your education unfinished.

So, when the news of someone using drugs percolates through, he/she is often shunned by the rest of society. You would be correct in writing that everyone might start avoiding you. Even contracting drugs like HIV, or Hepatitis, etc. is looked down upon by society, no matter how it is contracted. On top of that, drug use can easily make you more violent, which can lead to dire consequences, increasing your social issues tenfold.

Final Note

There is an essay of issues that can completely turn your life upside down when it comes to the repercussions of drug abuse. In this fast-paced world, burdened by college work or even school work, clubbed with family responsibilities, trying to make social connections, finding their personalities, etc. a teenager is almost always overwhelmed. Thanks to the easy availability of drugs they tend to turn to it to ease the pain, often even before they graduate. Parents and teachers need to guide them and fortunately, early treatment can stop a teenager from becoming addicted.

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