How DaBaby’s homosexual comments on rolling louds caused a big fire

DaBaby calls himself “Live Show Kira” and he certainly got people all over the world to talk about his recent set at Rolling Loud. During the performance, Charlotte’s rapper-born Jonathan Kirk not only brought controversial artist Tory Lanez to the stage, but was also really strange and offensive about the people of Queer and those living with HIV and AIDS. I made a comment.

“If you weren’t infected with HIV / AIDS today, or if you have a fatal sexually transmitted disease that kills you in a couple of weeks, put your cell phone light in the air,” he says. I did. “Woman, if your cat smells like water, put your cell phone light in the air. Fellas, if you don’t smoke the n-gga dick in the parking lot, put your cell phone light in the air. Please make it real. “

Much of the first scrutiny of DaBaby’s set centered around Lanes, who accused Megan Stallion of shooting her in a widely announced incident last year, but subsequent discussions focused on Kirk’s homosexual comments. I guessed it.

His first reaction came in the form of an Instagram video, where he criticized those who commented on concerts they didn’t attend. “What I and my fans do at live shows has nothing to do with n-ggas on the internet or bitter complaints on the internet,” he shares a story about enjoying the energy of his fans in the crowd. To argue against the critics on the surface, as I said earlier, I thought he might have been gay.

Ultimately, Kirk offered something more in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtraditional celebrity apologies.and Tweet string, He admitted that his remarks about sexually transmitted diseases were “insensitive”, While criticizing the brand And companies that “benefit from the cultural influence of black rappers,” and hype His own upcoming tour dates..

“Anyone who has ever been affected [sic] AIDS / HIV didn’t mean to offend anyone, but what I said was insensitive. So my apology, “he wrote, but it’s not without mysterious follow-up. “But the LGBT community … I’m not a trippin to everyone. Every business is every business.”

DaBaby has consistently been in the midst of controversy since its rapid rise to A-list status in 2019. In 2020, he attacked a female fan at a concert, but later apologized. He has been arrested several times in recent years and last summer bombed the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police station, calling it “illegal.” Kirk frequently used his platform to talk about police atrocities, including during the “Rockstar” performance at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in March.

Baby talked about the controversy that followed him on his 2020 album, a cheeky title Baby’s fault: “I don’t participate in politics, I’m just poppin shit / obviously hot like the fire of mother fucking / just answer God, I’m already convicted / I’m my If you love you as a witness, “he raps with the opener” Can’t Stop. “

On DaBaby’s side, older rappers like TI, who suspiciously equated baby’s speech with Lil Nas X’s freedom of expression in videos of songs like “Call Me By Your Name.” There is Bougie Badaz, who mentioned Nas in a homosexual slur. His own Instagram diatribe.

His remarks are blamed on his “emerging” remix collaborators Dua Lipa (she wrote on Instagram that “I’m surprised and scared by DaBaby’s comments”) and Elton John ( AIDS-related false alarms), And Demi Lovato (read their Instagram post, “HIV is not a gay illness”).

How DaBaby’s homosexual comments on rolling louds caused a big fire

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