How can the United States help Ukraine secure the Russian military machine

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The war was night, and the fighting in Ukraine would be even worse in the days to come.

Preventing the speed of negotiations between the Putin and Zelenskyy governments to put an end to the fire, the death toll on both sides will soon rise as the conflict begins at some point. the siege of the city with more strife and a large number of civilians.


Delay – or even stalemating – is critical to the Russian military. As the Russian armies began to occupy the population centers, the war of attrition began as they tried to inflict mass destruction. Putin wants this assassination to break the back of the opposition and create leverage for approval, ensuring that Ukraine will remain in an independent state, reducing its military to another level. By Russia, and vowed not to join NATO.

What is America responsible for all this? The stakes of success cannot be higher. Russian military advice combines the use of conventional nuclear weapons with conventional propaganda, which should be considered in the western hemisphere to prevent a nuclear war.

Assuming that the Biden administration is true to its promises that no U.S. troops will be deployed and that there will be no flight off the table, the first way in which the United States and its NATO allies can help is Ukrainians are military allies. That includes the flow of weapons, logistical assistance, and intelligence support.

Russia does not want a direct conflict with our forces, ‘the intelligence said in JANUARY.

Lessons from past conflicts are provided on a road map here. The United States has fought 20 years of counterinsurgency in Afghanistan, much less than in Iraq. The former Soviet Union was able to swallow ten years in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989. The two major powers – the hard way – have learned that the hardest and the hardest to attack, and the more difficult. if the rebellion was provided with weapons, training, and intelligence from foreign lands.

Russia and Ukraine are embroiled in a contest of applications.

What changed the course of the war for the Soviets in Afghanistan? The US provides Stinger missiles. What changed the course of the war for the United States in Iraq? The IED, or improvised explosive device, is more specifically the EFP – the improvised explosive device – supplied by Iran. What does the Stinger have in common in the hands of the mujahideen and the EFP in the hands of the Iraqi rebels? They were both weapons that achieved critical levels that would enable powerful technological forces to conquer major powers.

Those weapons could be used against Russian forces in Ukraine.

A member of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces is watching the devastation following the attack on Ukraine’s second largest city of Kharkiv on March 8, 2022.
(By SERGEY BOBOK/AFP and Getty Images)

Fighting a rebel equipped with, and well versed in using, a combination of EFP and Stinger missiles is not an easy task. Incorporate the Javelin man-portable anti-tank missile into the mix, with technical support in the form of real-time information about the movement of Russian troops and radar and signals intercepts from the United States, and the Russian army inside for protracted. fight to dry the blood.

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With Ukrainians willing to fight and allies to provide them with weapons, training, and intelligence, supported by sanctuaries at the NATO borders, it can be well argued. the Russian military machine, even when that action was combined with the economic war and information propaganda about the. Russian man.

Russia and Ukraine are embroiled in a contest of applications. While the best example would be an immediate end to all atrocities, lowering the Russian military with troops, planes, and vehicles would increase political pressure on Putin. stop him from moving or lead a rebellion. history.

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The United States and its allies need to understand the geopolitical nature of Russia and do everything necessary to circumvent the full -scale war between the NATO allies and Russia where it is impossible. and nuclear change before the state of potential.

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Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL sniper and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of “The Devil’s Hand.” Buck Sexton is a former CIA analyst and co-host of “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.”

How can the United States help Ukraine secure the Russian military machine

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