Houston Hospital has suspended nearly 200 workers because it refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Houston Methodists have been on the sidelines for two weeks unpaid for nearly 200 workers for refusing to vaccinate COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection)The outage took place the day after dozens of people protested the policy at one of the medical centers in Baytown, Texas.

The hospital system (medical center and six community hospitals) set a Monday deadline for all employees to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. Tuesday’s note was emailed to CBS MoneyWatch.

The hospital has suspended 178 employees who are not in full compliance with the policy. 27 have been vaccinated once. “Therefore, they hope they will receive a second vaccination soon.” Said Boom.

The system previously set June 21 as the day on which unvaccinated workers would be dismissed without exemption.

“Science proves that vaccines are not only safe, but necessary to combat COVID-19,” Boom said, adding that he understands the situation. “Vaccination A colleague who decided not to receive it “

Companies authorized to request COVID vaccine


Houston Methodist to vaccinated workers $ 500 bonus In March, firing is not indefinitely voluntary for workers. To ensure patient safety during the pandemic, the medical system must do everything possible, including vaccination of all staff, Bloom announced its April obligation. I told the employee when.

The Houston Methodist policy is Court struggle by a group of unvaccinated workersIn a complaint filed by Houston area lawyer and conservative activist Jared Woodfill, they claimed to be used as “human guinea pigs.”

This health system stance is also being rolled out in states on Monday when Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill banning businesses and government agencies from requiring proof of vaccination. It was not clear what the obligation meant, and Abbott’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

“It is legal for medical institutions to mandate vaccines. We have been using influenza vaccines since 2009,” a Houston Methodist said in a recent statement strengthened by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stance. .. Employer allowed Request a COVID-19 vaccine.

The federal government does not require vaccination, but “for example, a state or local government or employer may give some health workers or essential employees a worker as a matter of state or other law. May require vaccination. ” US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We were prepared for this as the first hospital system to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Boom. “As of today, several other major healthcare centers have followed our precedent and announced the mandatory vaccines of their own, with more centers coming soon.”

This includes the University of Pennsylvania’s medical system, which requires all employees to be vaccinated by September 1, 2021.

Similarly, two major US airlines, United and Delta, recently said: We do not hire unvaccinated workers.

Houston Hospital has suspended nearly 200 workers because it refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

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