House Oversight Republicans Call on Biden Managers to Address “Ongoing Supply Chain Crisis”

FIRST ON FOX: Republicans from the House Oversight Commission sent a letter to President Biden’s port envoy John Polkari on Thursday afternoon urging the Biden administration to address the “ongoing supply chain crisis” in the United States and find a solution.

A letter signed by all Republicans on the House Oversight Committee stated that supply chain disruptions should be “temporary,” but “labor shortages and increasing unprocessed portion” raise these possibilities. The problem, which he said is raising, will continue until 2022, delaying the long list of products Americans need.

“In the meantime, the Biden administration seems reluctant to acknowledge the expanding supply chain crisis,” the letter said. “Instead, the Vice President advises parents to buy Christmas gifts sooner-much easier for workers who aren’t waiting for Christmas bonuses-and blaming climate change.”

Biden praises supply chain teams even if the White House cannot guarantee the arrival of Christmas gifts

According to House Oversight Republicans, the number of container vessels moored off California increased from 40 on September 1st to “record-breaking” vessels 73 days later in less than three weeks. The “ship” sits for more than two weeks, compared to an average of 3.5 days before the pandemic. The letter stated that trains, including the Chicago depot with a 25-mile backup, are also facing massive backups and delays.

“The delays in ports, railroad yards and warehouses are largely due directly to the extreme labor shortage caused by the false policy of the Biden administration and parliamentary Democrats paying people not to work.” The letter said. “In addition, President Biden’s unilateral vaccination mandate could exacerbate the situation, as employers are forced to dismiss employees who do not want to be vaccinated.”

Republicans then asked if the supply chain crisis was “acceptable” to the Biden administration, and the situation continued to worsen.

“It must be accepted because the Biden administration showed little interest in helping the American people. Rather, from spending trillions of dollars on taxpayers’ dollars to advancing vaccination obligations. There seems to be more interest in expanding the power and scope of the federal government, “the letter continued. .. “Passing the Democratic $ 3.5 trillion spending bill will increase the cost of living for all Americans. There is no prosperity between inflation and the new tax on the bill, but this is the intention of the Biden administration.”

The letter concludes by requesting a “staff-level briefing” by October 26 to “better understand the Biden administration’s approach to resolving the supply chain crisis.”

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Biden used Porcari as a port envoy for the White House Supply Chain Confusion Task Force in August. He was previously the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Transport during the Obama administration.

On Wednesday, Biden “leadership” of his supply chain disruption team, despite White House spokesman Jen Psaki admitting that the administration could not guarantee that Christmas gifts would arrive on time in December. Was praised.

“I would especially like to thank Joe Porcari. I think Joe has done one job in the past few weeks, working with all stakeholders on this issue, especially my special envoy on the port,” Biden said. He picked out Porcari on Wednesday and said. I called him twice with the wrong name.

House Oversight Republicans Call on Biden Managers to Address “Ongoing Supply Chain Crisis”

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