Hong Kong 2022 gay game postponed in COVID-19 travel ban

File Photo: Participants will raise a huge rainbow flag during the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Parade in Hong Kong on November 8, 2014. Participants in the LGBT community went out to the streets on Saturday to prove their rights. REUTERS / Tyrone Siu / File Photo

September 15, 2021

Hong Kong (Reuters) – The 2022 gay game in Hong Kong will be postponed for one year due to the coronavirus. This is a delay in the first holding of an event in Asia that could raise hope in areas where intolerance is common. Said on Wednesday.

Hong Kong was scheduled to host the game next November, but the global financial hub has the world’s strictest coronavirus quarantine regulations aimed at preventing a local recurrence of COVID-19.

The last game to be held in Paris in 2018 has gathered some criticism from some of the Pro-Beijing sect in Paris, who are wary of importing what is considered non-Chinese values.

In a statement, co-chair of the organizing team, Dennis Phillips, said in a statement that many parts of the world, including across Asia, are still struggling to contain the coronavirus and face uneven access to vaccines. He said he was.

“I felt that postponing the tournament until November 2023 would increase the likelihood that the Hong Kong tournament would serve as a beacon of hope for the wider community throughout the region,” said Philips. ..

The 2022 game, first held in 1982, featured 36 sporting events such as dragon boat races, dodgeball and esports with 12,000 participants, 75,000 spectators and 3,000 volunteers from 100 countries. It was expected to participate.

Junius Ho, a prominent member of Hong Kong’s Pro-Beijing sect, said last month that games pose a threat to national security and that the city should be protected from “harmful culture.”

Ho helped Beijing, warning of comments that the game is “shameful” and the revenue generated by the game is “dirty money” that could disrupt society and fuel hatred. He said he had elicited criticism from the city leader, Carrie Lam.

Phillips said the controversy distracted from the message of harmony in the game.

“Recent attempts by several lawmakers to politicize the game have distracted the media from the true mission of the game, an event open to all, focused on unifying diversity. I did, “he said.

According to activists, Asia has fallen behind in securing equal rights for the LGBT community and other minorities, countries like Singapore still consider sex between men illegal, and Taiwan has gay marriages. It is the only place on the continent that recognizes.

(Report by Marius Zaharia; edited by Robert Birsel)

Hong Kong 2022 gay game postponed in COVID-19 travel ban

Source link Hong Kong 2022 gay game postponed in COVID-19 travel ban

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