“Homes For Our Troops” offers veterans a fresh start

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – The retired sergeant. Oscar Guerra is enjoying every moment of his current mission.

“It’s a blessing, it’s a blessing to be physically there with my kids, at every stage of their lives,” Guerra said.

It’s a quiet day, but in this New Braunfels home, August 2, 2007 is never far from your mind.

“It was an absolute honor to spend the last 12-13 months with them. I always carry their memory with me,” Guerra said.

Performing a second tour as an infantryman during Operation Iraqi Freedom, an improvised explosive device (IED) near Baghdad changed his world forever.

In August 2007, while serving as an infantry soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom, an explosive device exploded near his vehicle in Baghdad, killing several members of his battalion and wounding the War. (Spectrum News 1)

“I see all these wires and pipes coming out of me. I think we had a bad day,” Guerra said. “I didn’t know how bad it was one day. My injuries were nothing compared to the deaths that took place that day.”

The blast killed several members of the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, and eight others were injured. Guerra’s left leg suffered severe damage and had to be amputated below the knee.

As thousands of injured veterans can attest, adapting to life afterwards is a battle in itself. Guerra spent the next 10 years working on non-combat roles and finding ways to live with physical and mental trauma.

“In every corner of the last house I was in, there was no way to turn left or right,” Guerra said.

By amputating part of his left leg, Guerra says injured veterans have difficulty finding homes where they can live comfortably. (Spectrum News 1)

After a decade of adjustments, an Army colleague informed him of a non-profit organization designed to make life easier for injured veterans.

“Michael Gower, he basically showed me that Homes For Our Troops would build us a house because he was also injured that day,” Guerra said.

Together with the help of local businesses, MW Christian Builders LLC and HEB Supermarkets, the 20-year veteran received a fully funded and adaptable home last month with more than 40 modifications.

“There are ample spaces so you can fully mobilize,” Guerra said. “They were put in square brackets so you can slide them off the shelves and trays. Best of all, I love this traveling shower. I have never had this kind of luxury unless I was in the hospital receiving treatment. ”

This specific project represents 51 homes donated to wounded warriors in Texas. Retired Brigadier General and President and Nonprofit CEO Tom Landwermeyer has plans to add to it.

“They shouldn’t have to fight challenges in their own home,” Landwermeyer said. “It should be a place of respite and our mission is to give a home to each of these veterans, and if we can do that, our job is done.”

Last month, Homes For Our Troops provided War and his family with a fully custom home in New Braunfels with over 40 modifications. (Courtesy of Homes For Our Troops)

While Guerra is still settling into his new life, the 46-year-old says he is grateful for what he has gained and for the peace of mind he has created.

“This is going to give me a lot of opportunities to do so much with my family,” Guerra said. “I don’t have to worry about the things I thought I would have to worry about in life.”

“Homes For Our Troops” offers veterans a fresh start

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