Homeland Security Secretary visits Texas in the midst of immigrant influx

El Paso, Texas-Thursday, the US Customs and Border Protection reported in March that authorities had encountered the most people in the US-Mexico in 20 years.

What you need to know

  • Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcus visits El Paso on Thursday
  • Visits include a press conference by Congressman Veronica Escobar, other leaders and immigrant advocates
  • Visited because U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports the highest number of people at the border in 20 years

Data show that more than 172,000 people have been encountered at the border and nearly 19,000 children have been seen crossing the southwestern border in the United States.

With that in mind, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas will visit El Paso on Thursday.

During his visit, Mallorcus will meet with Homeland Security employees, the El Paso region, state leaders, and immigration advocates.

Among their leaders are Texas Parliamentarian Veronica Escobar and D-El Paso.

Escoabar will hold a press conference at noon on the CDT. The press conference will include Homeland Security Commission Chairman Beni G. Thompson, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser, El Paso County Judge Ricardo A. Samaniego, and El Paso Fire Department Chief and Managing Director. Public Security Director Mario Dagostino and immigrant advocate.

Press conference will be livestreamed Escobar’s Facebook page..

A complex combination of US and Central American factors drove the increase. This is in line with the Biden administration’s decision to exempt unaccompanied children from pandemic powers and immediately expel most people from the country without giving them the opportunity to seek asylum. Instead, children are released to US “sponsors,” usually parents or close relatives, but are allowed to pursue their proceedings in a highly delinquent immigration court.

Overall, border guards encountered 168,195 migrants on the southern border in March. This is the busiest month since we counted 170,580 arrests in March 2001. The numbers are not completely comparable, as more than half of last month’s encounters were banished under pandemic-related authority founded by former President Donald Trump and maintained by Biden.

People exiled under public health law are much more likely to try again because they are not facing legal implications.

Unlike withdrawal, those arrested under immigration law may face prison time, prosecution of serious offenses for repetitive crimes, and legal immigration bans by marriage or other means. Biden administration officials said the 12-month pre-pandemic recidivism rate ended in September 2019 was 7%, while 28% of the March exiles were previously exiled. It was.

CBP had 52,904 encounters with people arriving as a family, only about one of the three was expelled and the rest allowed to stay in the United States in pursuit of asylum.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Homeland Security Secretary visits Texas in the midst of immigrant influx

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