Homeland Security Secretary Biden states that Haiti’s deportation was justified for Covid.US-Mexico border

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcas defended the Biden administration’s decision on Sunday to send thousands of Haitians to their homeland, which had fled due to natural disasters and political turmoil.

Mallorcus told NBC’s Meet the Press that the removal was justified due to a coronavirus pandemic. This point has been debated by supporters and public health experts.

“Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [and Prevention, or CDC] We have the title 42 authority we exercise to protect the immigrants themselves and the communities, our staff, and the American people, “Mallorcus said.

“The pandemic is not behind us. Title 42 is a public health policy, not an immigration policy.”

Since the Donald Trump administration implemented Title 42 in March 2020, supporters and dozens of public health professionals have called for it to end.

Under Title 42, people attempting to cross the border will be returned to Mexico or deported to their home country without the opportunity to test their asylum application.

In January, Joe Biden stopped applying this rule to children. Nevertheless, at least 22 babies and children were deported to Haiti in February.

More than 30 public health experts wrote earlier this month to Mallorcus and CDC director Rochelle Walensky that Title 42 was “scientifically unfounded and politically motivated.”

The coalition has repeatedly stated that the policy violates the right to asylum, ignoring how basic public health measures can reduce the Covid-19 epidemic.

“Title 42 goes against the government’s own commitment to tackle Covid-19 globally,” the coalition said. “The lack of effective Covid-19 mitigation services at the border and the expulsion of people into situations where they are exposed to Covid-19 and cannot implement prevention violates the U.S. Government’s commitment to tackle Covid-19 globally. I am. “

On Sunday, Mallorcus was banished to CNN for 4,000 Haitians arriving in the past two weeks, allowing another 13,000 to enter the United States to pursue immigration cases in court, and 8,000 voluntarily. Said he chose to return to Mexico.

Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s Meet the Press, asked Mallorcus why thousands of people were sent to Haiti despite traveling from South America to the United States.

“These are Haitians,” said Mallorcus. “Some of them don’t have documents from the country they just left, so they can be deleted.”

Haitians have traveled dangerously in South America for years in search of security and security due to catastrophic natural disasters and political instability in their home countries.

After thousands of people gathered at a temporary camp at the Texas-Mexico border crossing and urged the US government to shut down the site, the latest group of travelers got more attention than usual.

At some point, horse-riding US border guards chased immigrants and gathered international surveillance.

“People will pay” for the harsh treatment of immigrants on the Texas border, says Biden – Video

On Friday, Joe Biden said the agents involved would “pay” for their actions. Mallorcus took a more modest position on CNN’s Union State on Sunday.

The secretary said he was “very proud to work with” a border guard agent and awaits the results of an investigation into the use of horses in Del Rio.

“What those images suggest, and what they look like, is horrifying, and I think it’s worth noting,” Mallorcus said. “It’s quite different from determining the facts.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott also defended the agent and told Fox News Sunday that they would hire them if they lost their jobs.

“If they are at risk of losing their job [under] The president, who has abandoned his obligation to secure the border, [they will] I work in Texas, “said Abbott.

The Del Rio camp was cleared on Friday and authorities planned to reopen the border crossing on Monday.

However, Mr Abbott said Texas will implement its own immigration policy, including the construction of walls.

“The Secretary of Mallorca, and, frankly, even President Biden, they are neglecting their obligations,” he said.

Mallorcus said the US government continued to expel people to Haiti after deciding that they could be safely sent to Haiti. He said the returned people had not been tested for Covid-19.

Daniel Harrington, a US envoy to Haiti, resigned last week in protest of the Biden administration’s “inhumane” mass deportation of Haiti immigrants and asylum seekers to their home countries.

Haiti was in a very dangerous “collapsed state,” he said.

Homeland Security Secretary Biden states that Haiti’s deportation was justified for Covid.US-Mexico border

Source link Homeland Security Secretary Biden states that Haiti’s deportation was justified for Covid.US-Mexico border

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