Hollywood remembers cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ immense talent

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins of “Rust” can be seen in the unknown location of this dateless handout. Distribution via Andriy Semenyuk / REUTERS

October 22, 2021

(Reuters) – Broken heart Hollywood rushed in honor of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on Friday after being accidentally shot dead by actor Alec Baldwin on a movie set.

The 42-year-old worked as a cinematographer on New Mexico’s new Western “Rush” set when Baldwin was killed when she fired a prop gun on Thursday.

When the film industry discussed the use of prop guns on the set and the role of Baldwin, devastated colleagues and friends begged the world to focus on Hutchins and her immense talent.

“We have Alec Baldwin. We like this feeling, so all this news talks about it,” said cinematographer and friend Andrey Semenuk. “And I want to focus on remembering really talented people … the craft she brought to the industry.

“That’s what she really is, not to mention her personality, not to mention a wonderful mother. Remember her about what she did, her talents and her achievements.”

Born in Ukraine, Hutchins’ Los Angeles career included filming credits for 32 films, including “Mutant” starring Joe Manganiello.

“I’m shocked,” Manganiello tweeted. “I was very fortunate to have Harina Hutchins as an arcenemy DP. Incredible talent and great people. I can’t believe this could happen in this era … Shooting from a prop gun has a crew. Is it possible to kill? What a horrific tragedy. My heart is on her family. “

According to her website, Hutchins grew up in a Soviet military base in the Arctic Circle. After starting her career as a research journalist, she moved to the United States to study at the American Film Institute and eventually entered filmmaking, a male-dominated profession. She was named a rising star by American Cinematographer in 2019.

Her last post on Instagram shows her riding a horse in New Mexico and commented that it was one of the benefits of filming a Western on holidays.

“Harina Hutchins was a ray of light,” her agency, an innovative artist, said in a statement. “Always smiling and always hopeful. She decided to take a quick look at filmmaking techniques early on, proving that she’s been on track for the last few years.

“Her talent was immeasurable, but only exceeded by the love she had for her family. Everyone in her orbit knew what was coming. He is a cinematographer’s star and will be a respected force. ”

(Written by Leela de Kretser, edited by Sandra Maler)

Hollywood remembers cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ immense talent

Source link Hollywood remembers cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ immense talent

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