HMRC hopes to increase access to Government Gateway

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HM Revenue and Customs seeks to increase citizen access to the Government Gateway system by allowing them to use newer information and verification methods.

More than two years after its release – and four years before it took over – Government Gateway is the main way citizens can access online tax services. and HMRC duties.

Earlier this month – and as a result of discussions between the tax department and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office – a UK driver’s license was available as a “new reference point in the service. HMRC certification “supports registration for the entry system, according to Treasury Secretary Lucy Frazer.

To verify their knowledge of HMRC, residents can provide the service with two from a list of six, in addition to a driver’s license, including: details of a claim. for taxes; a self -assessment tax return; a P60 or new payment slip; a UK passport; and information from a credit arrangement, such as a loan or mortgage.

The agency also wants to enhance its services by allowing the Government Gateway to integrate with a new mobile app being developed by the Digital Service, which will enable users to access the Government Gateway. verify the authenticity of biometric documents.

“GDS is developing a new mobile app that allows people to use the camera on their phone / cell phone to test a game with photo experience, starting with a car license but expanding to supporting other biometric documents over time, ”Frazer said. “HMRC will be using this from the summer, giving some of our customers another way to validate their knowledge. HMRC will be working with GDS to make the content available. sell the levels. “

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GDS is also offering One Login, which is intended to provide a single and integrated system that allows citizens to access a wide range of government services provided at all offices. .

The first batch of five navigation services will continue with the new government registration threshold in September, and then the technology will be rolled out between the offices in the coming months and years, including the goal of land use by 2025.

Agencies are now being asked to create a planning document by March 2023 – with HMRC CEO Jim Harra supporting the process as the “champion” selected for One Login .

Frazer said: “In the long run, HMRC plans to move services to One Login for Government, the new cross-government registration system and the authentication system developed by GDS. We are also working on it. HMRC and GDS are in the process of designing and developing the new service to ensure it effectively meets the needs of our customer.

Gateway in the past
For now, customers surveyed should continue to use the Government Gateway, which has been in place since 2001. In its 21 -year life, it has more than 50 million customers. account created on the system – which is expected to be replaced by GOV.UK Verify, the verification tool developed by GDS founded in 2016.

HMRC is the largest and most popular corporation that decided to oppose the ban on Verify and, in 2017, the tax authorities announced that it was creating its own verification tool to replace the Government Gateway, which which was completed at that time. .

Five years, one Brexit process, and one disease later, and the old registration system continues; It was only used to support HMRC services – in fact, in order to meet the huge increase in demand for Universal Credit at the onset of the coronavirus crisis, the Department of Labor and Pensions opened entering the required requirements must be made through the Government Gateway, prior to authentication.

Frazer was asked – in a parliamentary question written by Labor MP Paul Blomfield – whether the government would consider the “reasonable benefits of allowing the use of different documents rather than a passport.” and a driver’s license to authenticate Government Gateway accounts ”.

“Rather than sharing any personal information with a customer online the Government has a responsibility to establish their information with a high level of trust,” he said. “The government intends to strike a balance between making this journey as straightforward as we can for consumers but, at the same time, set a high standard to avoid deceivers. “

Frazer added: “Most consumers can use government services securely online, but we know not every consumer has access to it right now. It’s still working. HMRC has the Government Gateway service and the ability to verify information to support it to help more people get involved while always maintaining customer information.

HMRC hopes to increase access to Government Gateway

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