Hispanic voters slammed Biden over the move, economics: ‘Latino assets are Republican assets’

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The talks of mid -November are straining the political landscape as President Joe Biden’s election numbers continue to rise among key demographics – including Latinos and young Americans.

While the party complained about the rising border crisis, the rise and fall of family property, “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy sat down with members of a large demographic that have created a “double bed in the room.,” which is the one that can change or eliminate the will of each party in the election.

Abraham Enriquez, one of the voters featured on the table, said he was responsible for the increase that could play into the decisions of Japanese voters this November.

“Inflation is real time. We know it, we think, and it’s something that draws a lot of Hispanics to the polls,” he said.

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“We can’t get to that American dream that I moved here in the nineteenth century,” said another voter, Carolina del Calvo.

The discussion draws from a recent Quinnipiac election that found that 50 percent of Japanese voters disagreed with President Biden’s actions, the highest level of happiness among all nations.

October 10, 2020 – Orlando, Florida, United States – People hold placards after President Mike Pence told supporters at a Latinos campaign for Trump at Central Christian University on Oct. 10 , 2020 and Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
(Photo by Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In the middle of the class, Tina Aviles was the first counselor to demand the right to return to the basics of classroom education and abandon the male gender language to spark controversy around the US. .

“It’s moving in the direction of what we’re teaching kids [concerns me]. We need to go back to looking at real educators, “he said. Asked if he was concerned about Critical Race Theory and the male -dominated politics that are hampering education, Aviles replied. with “very firm.”

Panelist Gerson Hernandez highlighted another important factor – the border problem – when he said, “people are flowing to our border.

Adding to Hernandez’s discussion of the border problem, panelist Aaron Rocha commented on a common saying made about innocent immigrants:

“Parents don’t send their children here to give them a better life,” he said, “children are stolen and used by the cartel to get them here. They are the worst people. “

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Duffy went on to ask the group questions comparing President Donald Trump’s borderline policies to existing policies under the Biden administration.

The board agreed on the rightness of the fence on the South American side, and when asked about President Biden’s reversal of Trump-era policies, Rocha said he allowed the people innocent foreigners entering the US are the majority of Democratic voters down the line.

“It’s the only thing they have now that they have lost to America in the south and in the north,” he said.

Hispanic voters slammed Biden over the move, economics: ‘Latino assets are Republican assets’

Source link Hispanic voters slammed Biden over the move, economics: ‘Latino assets are Republican assets’

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