Here’s what Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion plan to tax the rich

President Joe Biden’s ambitious spending plan will significantly increase what the federal government lays out for childcare And education Spend more trillions of dollars on infrastructure. It also comes with the largest tax increase in decades.

How big is it? According to a study by the Liberal Institute for Tax and Public Policy, Mr. Biden’s plans are projected to be more than $ 100,000 a year more than someone in the top 1% of earners pays Uncle Sam. In 2013, President Obama raised taxes for the same group by $ 83,000. In 2017, President Trump cut taxes by about $ 50,000 a year.

The top 1% of Americans earn about 20% of all US income, but pay about 40% of federal income tax. The Biden project will put more tax burden on the wealthy. “It’s time for America and the wealthiest 1% of Americans in the enterprise to just start paying their fair share,” he said Wednesday in his speech to Congress.

Proponents of Mr Biden’s tax increase say the wealthiest citizens in the United States can afford to pay more. $ 100,000 is real money, but paid by a group of people who earn an average of $ 2.2 million a year. In addition, the percentage of taxes paid by the top 1% has actually decreased in recent years, from 50% in 2014, for example.

“The annual income of $ 400,000 is nothing special for my friends and people in my professional network,” said a former Wall Streeter who currently runs Signum Global Advisors, a policy consulting firm for institutional investors. Charles Meyer said. “I had to explain to my friends that Biden’s tax system wasn’t as radical as 1% said.”

Still, Mr. Biden’s plan This is a departure from the political and economic rhetoric of the last few decades, where low taxes are better for all Americans. This is many ways he wants to pay the wealthiest people an estimated $ 3.5 trillion more over the next decade.

Raise the highest income tax rate

what: Returning the highest income tax rate from 37% due to Donald Trump’s tax cut to 39.6%
Who pays: Individuals who earn over $ 453,000 a year and couples who earn over $ 509,000
How much the rich will pay: $ 100 billion in 10 years

This is probably the most talked-about tax blow to the wealthy proposed by President Biden, but it is actually the least-paying of his various tax systems.

Biden is proposing to return the maximum tax rate for income above $ 400,000 to 39.6%. That was before the 2017 Trump tax cut reduced the maximum tax rate to 37%.

But like all income taxes, this represents the so-called marginal tax rate. That is, in this case, it only applies to income above $ 453,000. Mr Biden’s increase could add an additional $ 800,000 annually to the couple and impose an additional $ 5,200 annual tax. Couples with a household income of $ 2 million can pay an additional $ 36,500 per year.

According to the Responsible Federal Budget Middle Road Commission, returning to the pre-Trump income tax rate for top-income earners would generate $ 100 billion over a decade.

Raise the corporate tax rate

what: Raise the corporate rate from 21% to 28%
Who pays: Not a corporation.Pass on additional tax costs to customers, employees and shareholders
How much the rich will pay: $ 2.1 trillion in 10 years

Donald Trump’s signature tax bill has reduced the corporate income tax rate from the maximum tax rate of 35% to a flat rate of 21%. Mr. Biden’s plan is to raise the corporate rate to 28%. He also wants to eliminate some of the tax deductions that US companies receive for tax payments abroad and for business transfers abroad.

The most novel part of Mr. Biden’s plan is to ensure that all businesses pay at least 21% of their income in taxes, no matter what deductions they claim.

Companies can pass some of the tax increases to their customers by raising prices and to workers by lowering or limiting wage increases. Researchers at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania predict that Biden’s proposed corporate tax hike will curb wage growth.

However, experts say that most corporate taxes are paid by corporate investors. Moreover, most of those investors are wealthy Americans.

In 2020, 241 companies paid more foreign taxes …


The Centrist Political Policy Center estimates that about 70% of corporate tax is paid by the top 5% of American income earners who earn about $ 300,000 a year. This is lower than the income level of over $ 400,000, which Mr. Biden states will be affected by the tax increase. But when it comes to targeting the wealthy, Biden still seems to have a fairly high goal.

“It’s good to have big US companies pay a fair share,” said Meyer of Signum. “And its fair share is still below the level before Trump cut the corporate tax rate.”

Wharton researchers predict that Biden’s corporate tax hike will generate $ 2.1 trillion over the next decade. The increase in corporate tax is equivalent to about $ 1.5 trillion in new taxes for the wealthiest, as 70% of it is paid by the wealthiest Americans.

Targeting wealthier tax evasion

what: $ 80 Billion Budget Increase for IRS to Expand Audit Authority
Who pays: Top earners make up the majority of new and more aggressive tax audits
How much the rich will pay: $ 700 billion in 10 years

After raising the corporate tax, Mr. Biden’s second largest tax increase for the wealthy is not due to the tax rate hike, but to the strict enforcement of existing tax laws.

A recent study by economist Gabriel Zukuman and others, including IRS researchers, found that tax avoidance, especially by the top 1%, was an important factor in US revenue losses. As much as 20% against the IRS. The White House said it would reach $ 175 billion annually in lost federal revenue.

Biden’s suggestion is to invest $ 80 billion in the IRS over a decade, allowing government agencies to conduct audits and hire more staff to catch fraud. His administration also wants to require banks to report more data on the flow of money in and out of their wealthiest customers’ accounts. That information can be of great help in curbing tax evasion, but banks can essentially fight clauses that require spying on their customers.

According to a study co-authored by former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, the government can recover $ 1.1 trillion in revenue losses in 10 years. The Biden administration said the reform would allow the IRS to raise $ 700 billion over a decade. But even with a small number, it can be too optimistic.

Last year, the Congressional Budget Office decided that a $ 40 billion investment in the IRS over a decade (half of what Biden proposed) would bring an additional $ 103 billion to the government. This is one-seventh of what the government claims. Former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who served under both President Obama and President Trump, told the that increasing spending on the IRS as soon as the Biden administration wanted would be a logistical challenge.

Make wealthy people pay higher taxes on return on investment

what: Double capital gains tax
Who pays: Households earning over $ 1 million a year
How much the rich will pay: $ 400 billion in 10 years

Americans now pay different tax rates on income from work, or wages, and income from investment. This is called “capital gains”. For wealthy Americans, the difference is even greater. The maximum wage income tax rate is 37%. Capital gains income is taxed at only 20%.

Biden’s suggestion is to eliminate the difference between the tax paid on wages and the tax paid on return on investment for people with an annual income of over $ 1 million. His administration has stated that it will exempt temporary profits, such as the sale of family-owned farms. Experts say that as long as it’s your main home, profits from home sales will be largely excluded.

Another proposed change: Under current rules, there is no capital gain on inheritance income. In other words, when someone dies, taxes are basically wiped out. Biden calls it a loophole and wants it to be closed.

“We’re going to remove the loopholes that allow us to earn more than $ 1 million a year and pay lower tax rates on capital gains,” Biden said in a speech Wednesday.

The Biden administration has not quoted how much money it believes could be raised from a tax increase on billionaire capital gains. However, the responsible federal budget committee says that taxing capital gains at the same level as top-income earners will generate an additional $ 400 billion in income over a decade.

However, Wharton researchers said effective tax planning and savvy sales strategies could allow the wealthy to pay far less than expected. Wharton’s estimate: $ 113 billion over 10 years.

“There are many reasons why we want to tax capital gains at the same income rate, but increasing income is not one of them,” said John Rico, director of policy analysis for the nonpartisan finance Penwarton budget model. Business school policy research group.

Expand Medicare tax surcharges

what: Close the loophole in Medicare surcharge tax that benefits the wealthy
Who pays: Individuals who earn over $ 400,000.The White House has not yet set a couple’s income level
How much the rich will pay: $ 200 billion in 10 years

The law that enacted the Obamacare Act also imposed a 3.8% tax on the investment income of individuals who earn more than $ 200,000 and couples who earn more than $ 250,000. However, there are many exceptions to which income is considered taxable or non-taxable. Stock market profit? Okay. Income from investing in private companies? No. Is there a capital gain from the sale of a private company? Okay. This gives accountants room for clients to wiggle to avoid taxes.

Biden’s plan is to extend the 3.8% tax to all income above $ 400,000 and effectively close the loopholes that exist today. That change can generate a surprising amount of money. The White House does not quote. However, the responsible federal budget committee estimates that expanding Medicare Sartax will increase taxes on the wealthy by an additional $ 200 billion.

Here’s what Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion plan to tax the rich

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