Here’s how the Biden administration is trying to reach families eligible for monthly child tax deductions:

The Biden administration is stepping up efforts to ensure that taxpayers eligible for monthly child tax deductions receive them when their first payments begin next month. Over 36 million eligible families are expected to begin seeing payments passed under the US Rescue Program on July 15.

Children under the age of 6 are set to receive a monthly payment of $ 300 until the end of the year, and children aged 6 to 17 are set to receive a monthly payment of $ 250. On Friday, the Biden administration announced that it would work with officials, faith-based organizations and groups to work with children to create low-income families who would crack because they were not part of the tax system. Receive credits.

Vice President Kamala Harris said of the benefits of visiting the Child Care Center on Friday, “I want all families with children eligible for this tax credit to receive it, of course.” .. “And because it helps us lift half of those children … from poverty, from poverty.”

This year, in addition to increasing parental credits from $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 per child aged 6 to 17 and $ 3,600 for children under the age of 6, 2021 child tax credits have also been expanded to generate income. A low-income family was born who was too few to pay taxes. Eligible for monthly payments.

Earlier this week, the IRS announced that it would send the first letter of a series of letters to families about the potential eligibility of child tax credits based on the 2019 or 2020 tax returns or other information provided to the IRS. did.

On Tuesday, IRS Commissioner Charles Retig told Senate Finance Committee members that his agency also worked with “thousands, thousands” of community-based organizations to distribute information in multiple languages. He said he was doing it. Rettig said much of his outreach activity was based on what he learned when he worked to manage payments for economic stimulus three times in the past year, and is now “on the street with stimulus.” They are lovingly called. ” Payments for these direct COVID bailouts first began under President Trump during a pandemic, and then American rescue plan It was handed over in March.

“We were very fortunate to be able to interact with more than 10,000 different organizations across the country, which we had not previously interacted with the Internal Revenue Service, based on what the core process was,” Rettig said. Says. He said the agency could use it to pay the child tax deduction.

According to the IRS, most families do not need to do anything to get paid. Most payments are made by direct deposit, and in some cases the IRS will mail family checks and debit cards.

Under the American Rescue Plan, individuals up to $ 75,000, single-parent householders up to $ 112,500, and couples who jointly apply for a total income of up to $ 150,000 per year are eligible to receive the full amount.

Families can check if the IRS is eligible via one of several online tools that will start prior to the first payment next month. Another portal allows families to update their information, opt out of receiving payments in advance, and check payment status later this year.

On Thursday, Democrats from the Houseways and Means Commission released their own information and frequently asked questions about child tax deductions to help families prepare for their first direct payment.

“Almost 90% of children in our country will feel the positive effects of the expanded child tax deduction. This is the importance of the Parliamentary COVID Relief Act prepared by Democrats of the Method and Means Commission. That’s part, said Richard Neil, chairman of the Ways and Means Commission, a Democrat in Massachusetts.

Direct prepayments only apply until the end of the year, but the Biden administration has already proposed extending tax deductions as part of U.S. family planning, and some Democrats will make the change permanent. I am promoting that. Several Republicans, including Utah Senator Mitt Romney, are proposing their own version of monthly child payments.

Here’s how the Biden administration is trying to reach families eligible for monthly child tax deductions:

Source link Here’s how the Biden administration is trying to reach families eligible for monthly child tax deductions:

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