Henry Golding has the only three classic watches you’ve ever needed

Most watch enthusiasts are creative when they have to travel with their watch. Last afternoon, Henry Golding brought his growing collection to Venice, California. The coffee shop wrapped in ankle socks was packed in Tumi’s toiletry case pushed into an Arc’teryx tote bag. Not surprisingly, the 34-year-old actor was once the host of a travel show, and the watch had to hold up to trek the Mekong. In fact, the host gig fueled his obsession with early watches. Golding spent the entire season paying to buy his first luxury watch, Cartier Pasha. “I wasn’t very proud of it at the time,” he says.And he took his big break Crazy Rich Asians, I bought a Cartier tank.

Golding shows off his “flashy” Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711.

You have a very Cary Grant-inspired persona, and all of your watches hit me as the lead actor’s watch. Were you aware of that when you created your collection?
Do you know what it is? It’s classic. We’re talking about the days and ages when the leading actor was stoic, brave and masculine, but not toxic. Sophisticated. Then, when it comes to watch choices, these endure the challenges I’ll be wearing 30 years from now.So the most flashy watch I own is [Patek Philippe] Nautilus. Many people see it and it seems like “yes”. But watch collectors are like “Oh, shit.”

Do you need to think about what it means to wear Nautilus before you wear it in the morning?
It’s really bad to say this, but sometimes it’s a force move to wear the watch. If you attend these large meetings with the CEO, your watch is a statement. However, the taste of the watch is much stronger than the price of the watch. So I’m crazy about these crazy hedge fund guys, and wearing Nautilus feels more like having a crazy diamond-studded wrist. increase.

There is also a Cartier tank. This is arguably one of the most classic designs ever.
The tank fits everything. You can wear it casually or with a black tie. It’s timeless.This is me Crazy Rich Asians Premiere. I always wanted this particular watch and the opportunity to wear it. It’s not too bold and not on your face. It ’s a gold watch, Hey, look at me. I put on a gold watch. It’s classic.

Henry Golding has the only three classic watches you’ve ever needed

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