Heavy rain kills 46 people due to landslide in northern India

Lucknow – Officials said Wednesday that at least 46 people were killed and some were missing after floods caused by heavy rains struck Uttarakhand in northern India.

The state’s director of disaster management, SA Murugeshan, said rescue teams worked overnight to retrieve corpses stuck in debris and evacuate vulnerable areas. On Tuesday, officials said 22 people were killed by the rain.

In the mountains, constant rains, flooded roads, destroyed bridges, landslides and some homes have been washed away for the past three days. This situation prompted support from more than 2,000 members of paramilitary organizations and civil police.

The India Meteorological Department said it was likely to rain in Uttarakhand on Wednesday, but warned of more heavy rains in the northeastern and southern regions of the country.


Most of the deaths in Uttarakhand were reported in the picturesque town of Nainital, where 28 people died on Tuesday, Murugeshan said. He added that most of the deaths were caused by heavy rains that destroyed houses and buildings.

In Mukteshwar, a popular summer resort in the state, five workers died when the Shanti wall collapsed. In another hilly town, Langal, nine members of the family died as rain washed away their homes, officials said.

A video shared on social media showed that the Ganges ruptured the embankment in Rishikesh and the scenic Nainital Lake was flooded.

Experts say the magnitude of the rain is astounding. In Uttarakhand, it rained 17.8 centimeters (7 inches) in the first few weeks of this month, but in just 22 hours on Tuesday it rained nearly 58 centimeters (22.8 inches). city.


He said climate change increased not only the frequency of rain, but also its intensity.

India has been raining annoyingly in some areas this week. Floods and landslides caused by a week-long heavy rain have killed at least 39 people in southern Kerala. In southern Kerala, it is likely that it will rain more in the coming days.

Landslides and floods are common in northern India’s Himalayas. Scientists say they are becoming more frequent as global warming contributes to the melting of glaciers there.

In February, flash floods killed nearly 200 people and washed away homes in Uttarakhand. In 2013, floods killed thousands.

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Heavy rain kills 46 people due to landslide in northern India

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