Health groups encourage all US health care workers to be vaccinated compulsorily

All U.S. Healthcare Workers Must Be Vaccinated COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection)According to a joint statement on Monday by a number of major medical groups claiming the country’s health and security, it relies on such an obligation to reign in a pandemic that killed nearly 611,000 Americans.

Keeping in mind the recent resurgence of pandemics with hyperinfectious variants and the availability of “safe and effective vaccines,” all healthcare professionals have an ethical commitment to prioritize patients in the United States. About 60 organizations, including the Medical Association and the American Nurses Association, say. In a joint statement. “We are responding to an increasing number of professionals and institutions supporting the universal immunization requirements of healthcare professionals,” they said.

Last week, another complaint was filed by the American Hospital Association, the largest hospital group in the United States.

The call of the medical community is Delta variants shed tears nationwide, Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly among unvaccinated populations.

According to state data, people who resisted immunization included a significant number of hospital workers, including 25% of hospital workers throughout New York, where they were not vaccinated, and even more in New York City. I am.

Reluctance by health care workers was foreseen in previous surveys of health care workers. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, by late 2020, only 36% of US healthcare professionals will be vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is available. The rapid time frame in which the vaccine was developed fueled safety and efficacy concerns among many healthcare professionals at the time. They, like the general public, were exposed to disinformation about vaccines on social media.

According to AMA, more than 96% of doctors are fully vaccinated in recent situations. Other estimates of hospital workers as a whole show that one in four had not been vaccinated by the end of May, according to WebMD.

Currently, the national vaccination rate is below 60%, and more and more hospitals and medical systems require employees to be vaccinated.

Houston Methodist, the first large US hospital system in need of shots Over 150 workers Approximately 25,000 employees Comply with the deadline of June 7..

Since then, about 50 medical systems have followed suit nationwide, and RWJ Barnabas Health recently fired six senior workers for refusing to fire. RWJ Barnabas, New Jersey’s largest medical system Plan to require vaccination For all over 350,000 workers.

The City of New York requires health care workers in public hospitals and clinics to be vaccinated or tested weekly for COVID-19 infection by August 2.

Approximately 60% of the city’s more than 42,000 public hospital employees are vaccinated, according to Mitch Katz, who heads the country’s largest public health system. Approximately 70% of all hospital workers are vaccinated throughout the city, including a large number of large private hospital systems.

Health groups encourage all US health care workers to be vaccinated compulsorily

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