Harry Styles’ backup dancers say the stage at the Grammys’ As It Was performance turned the wrong way.

Harry Styles’ Grammys performance was thrown into chaos after a technician rotated the center turntable stage the wrong way, a devastated backup dancer revealed Monday.

The 29-year-old singer received the coveted Album of the Year award after performing her hit “As It Was” in front of A-list audiences and millions of viewers around the world. grammy awards – it made him Heckled by Beyoncé fans.

However, the performance was widely panned online, with fans branding it lackluster and others noting that something seemed “off.”

And they were right – early Monday morning, one of Styles’ backup dancers – Dexter da Rocha – revealed. tick tock The turntable that the dancers and Styles had rehearsed for days turned in a different direction than they practiced.

“Yoann Bourgeois and his fellow Kerem made this beautiful piece on a moving turntable. There were 12 of us, all on the turntable, and we got off these beautiful formations and got off the turntable.” We had 10 days of rehearsals slipping through the cracks, and Harry blended in beautifully, playing beautiful duets and creating an incredible, morphing, cool, artistic production,” Da Rocha began. rice field.

Wrong direction!Harry Styles' Grammys performance fell into chaos Sunday night after a technician spun a giant turntable the wrong way

Wrong direction!Harry Styles’ Grammys performance fell into chaos Sunday night after a technician spun a giant turntable the wrong way

Chaos: The backup dancers did their best to reverse the routine, but the performance was poor and resulted in a messy formation.

Panic: The dancers tried to “get the technician’s attention,” but the crew did not hear them because it was live television and they “couldn’t scream.”

The show must go on: Harry and his dancers did their best in chaos

Oops: Harry nearly tripped while walking from the spinning turntable to another part of the stage

Disappointment: Dexter da Rocha, one of Harry’s backup dancers, detailed exactly what went wrong in a candid TikTok on Monday, revealing he was in tears after the show.

“And Harry did a great job of blending into it and had this beautiful duet and all that stuff, so all this time I’ve been practicing counter-clockwise on the turntable. We even got to the point where we went to a dress rehearsal and it was beautiful and beautiful,” the dancer continued.

“It was unlike anything most of us had ever done before. Creating those patterns while something was in motion and working with people we had never met before.” It was frustrating and difficult to work.

“So yesterday’s rehearsal was gorgeous and amazing.

The dancers added that they “tried to get the attention of the technicians,” but it was on live television and they “couldn’t shout,” so the technicians couldn’t hear them.

“So to switch all the patterns on the fly you’re not even walking in that direction… Sounds easy to walk on, it’s like a treadmill, but swear to God it’s circular so you can’t pull.” Now you’re in different directions and it’s a very special type of balance,” acknowledged Da Rocha.

“So we got used to one direction and it was the other way around, so luckily we worked together to do our best and got to one cool formation in time for an overhead shot, but changed the rest. I had to,” explained the dancer.

Da Rocha also praised Styles, stating, “I did my best to allow him to walk while he was singing, reverse everything, reverse the entire duet. It was incredible.” said.

“Unfortunately, the press didn’t know it was happening, so they called it lethargy or boredom or whatever, but really, we were just trying to stand.

Unfortunately, the world didn’t get to see Yoann Bourgeois’ beautiful work, or all of our dancers’ work, or Harry’s beautiful fucking work, but he won Album of the Year. a story to tell. It was still an incredible experience. He was so nice, cool, hardworking and made the rehearsal process so beautiful.

Da Rocha admitted it was “very frustrating” because they worked “hard” for 10 days and “couldn’t do what they rehearsed”, but the dancers were still “appreciative”. . Try to control what goes wrong. You can resist it, or you can make the most of it and work together to make the best of it.

Shake it off: Harry tried to keep the energy up for his big moment in front of an A-list crowd that included his ex Taylor Swift and fellow superstars Beyoncé and Adele

A fan also commented, “Harry and your guys’ professionalism is so amazing, I would have started crying,” to which Da Rocha replied, “I sure did later.”

Another of Styles’ dancers, Brandon Mathis, similarly hinted at the difficulty in his Instagram post, but described Styles as a “actual rock star” and a “kick to the earth who really cares what he does.” What he does and who he does it with is very important.

Matisse also praised Yoann Bourgeois, saying, “It’s just amazing to spend a week immersed in your wonderful brain. I am very grateful for your willingness to continue.

He also alluded to trouble, saying, “Even the silly technical issues that none of us were prepared for. I am honored to know you and to call you a friend.”

It’s showbiz: Harry’s team rehearsed for ten days to get the performance before everything went wrong on the night.

Rock Stars: Styles’ other dancer, Brandon Mathis, hinted at similar difficulties in his Instagram post, but he described Styles as “a real rock star” and “really cares.” It’s a kick to the earth.” What he’s doing and who he’s with is very important. ”

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11721277/Harry-Styles-backup-dancer-says-stage-Grammys-performance-rotated-wrong-way.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 Harry Styles’ backup dancers say the stage at the Grammys’ As It Was performance turned the wrong way.

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