Harry Styles apparently participates in the Marvel Cinematic Universe … as a brother of Thanos?

Welcome to the MCU. .. .. Harry Styles? !! The latest and most unlikely casting for Marvel’s ever-growing world of cinema is reportedly none other than GQ’s current dominant tailor champion and global heartbeat to join Marvel. not. Eternals, Will be released on November 5th.

Please note that this post contains potential spoilers.

according to Report from Monday’s Global Premiere, Styles joins the MCU with post-credit tags as Eros, also known as Starfox. (No, not a barrel roll prone person) Eros is another eternal, ancient immortal race tasked with protecting the Earth from the creature known as the Deviants, and the brother of the MCU villain Thanos. .. Eternals Marks the actor’s second major acting effort following Christopher Nolan Dunkirk, Prior to his role in Olivia Wilde Don’t worry about your baby, Will bow in 2022.

In the comics, Eros grew up on the planet Titan with those who destroy the world. There he acted like a real Greek god of love by taking a naughty adventure full of action and feminization. Due to Thanos’ terrorism, Eros reconsidered his way and worked with the Avengers to help the group defeat him. Eternal eventually traveled to Earth and became an Avengers trainee, earning the Star Fox codename in the process. Eros sporadically appears throughout Marvel’s history, primarily to support Thanos-related issues.

The most notable arc of Eros is something you don’t expect to be carried over to the MCU. The character is She-Hulk The story of him being accused of sexually assaulting several women on the planet. Eros’s power is similar to other Eternals in that he has superhuman powers, but he can also manipulate the emotions of others. Written by Dan Slott, Ark sees Eros being tried and sees lawyer Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk (soon starring in her own Disney + series). Orphan blackTatiana Maslany) defended him because they had a relationship together during the Avengers era.Eventually, it became clear that Eros did not use his power to influence Jennifer. their The relationship manipulated Jen in a romance with J. Jona Jameson’s son John. Jen bends down and begins kicking shit from him, but not before Eros is captured and brought to trial in Titan. There, Eros is finally punished for manipulating Thanos’ obsessive love for death (those whose MCU movie was not included in his traits). Eros decided to block his charismatic power through physical blocks to ensure that he would never hurt anyone again.

Eros has interacted much of the history of recent cartoons with Marvel’s space characters such as the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corps, so he could appear. Galaxy Guardian Vol3.. But in those stories, he’s a far more supportive player than an active participant. Casting someone of Styles height means he will play a major role in future events, but not without a dramatic reimagination of the MCU. In fact, given how complex he is, I’m a little confused by the MCU’s attempt to admit Eros.

Still, you’ll get a better idea of ​​the context of his referral and what that means for the future of the MCU. Eternals It will be released in just a few weeks.

Harry Styles apparently participates in the Marvel Cinematic Universe … as a brother of Thanos?

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