Hannity sues ‘media mob’ for ‘refusing to report’ on Hunter Biden laptop

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Fox News host Sean Hannity announced on “Hannity” that the crime of banning high -frequency lighting of some stores confirms certain items on Hunter Biden’s and new evidence on the ongoing trial of the president’s son.

SEAN HANNITY: Tonight we just learned and now we know, Biden wrote a second letter of intent for the other son of Hunter’s Chinese business partner, now at Georgetown University… discussed the deal and Hunter in the board of Burisma Holdings. So who is the truth? As vice president, Joe was introduced to some of Hunter’s colleagues during their six -day tour of Asia in Air Force Two. That was when he met with President Xi. And now, in emails retrieved from the Zero Experience Hunter laptop from Hell, even Hunter Biden complained that he cut half of his earnings to tell Pop.

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The fire

You might think for a second that if this was President Trump and one of his children, the media hysteria would not be the same as what we have seen. But in the 2020 election, the media mass refuses to reveal any of this scandal. In fact, they called the bridge ‘Russian disinformation.’ Remember, this computer came out two weeks before the election. And remember Big Tech, Twitter, Facebook… They have strictly forbidden anyone from sharing information to decide for themselves… Now voting is safe in the mirror, the bridge, confirmed By many doors. Why is it done now? Did they notice that the grand jury was asking important, serious, important questions and that they were shown to be deceptive? I do not understand. Call me a magician. Don’t expect them to edit the story in any way. Don’t think of an atonement. That may not happen. Has anyone edited the history of all Russia’s frauds? Did they fix the story about all the insults against Donald Trump and his family? Now they knew they had planted a curse. They knew they wanted to help get Joe Biden elected, they wouldn’t regret it, and they wouldn’t regret it.

Hannity sues ‘media mob’ for ‘refusing to report’ on Hunter Biden laptop

Source link Hannity sues ‘media mob’ for ‘refusing to report’ on Hunter Biden laptop

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