Hannity: Biden’s Afghanistan has failed in “international shame.” “Large-scale crisis” approaching recession

Sean Hannity put President Joe Biden on duty on Tuesday night due to the myriad failures of his administration, calling his treatment of Afghanistan “international shame.”

The host of “Hannity” said that leaving Afghanistan with Americans, allies and $ 83 billion in military equipment is equivalent to “international humiliation, humiliation on the world stage.” Let our allies die. “

Hannity said Tuesday was the 66th day in Afghanistan where Americans and allies were left behind to “suffer and die under the Taliban’s control.”The host also said the Taliban leaders gave cash and “promises”[ed] A parcel of land to the family of a suicide bomber who killed a U.S. soldier. “

Taliban rewards suicide bomber’s family with cash and land

“Go home, [the IRS] I want[s] “A always-on window to bank accounts,” said Hannity, citing the IRS’s proposal to monitor banking transactions over $ 600. The government also said,[s] Through the buildback better plan, he said, “I will figure out how to tax all nickel from you.” It will most affect producers under $ 50,000 a year.

“Nearly 60 percent will see additional taxes from breaking into this government’s bank account,” Hannity said. “But I thought Biden promised not to raise taxes on anyone who earns more than 400 grands a year. OK, Joe Biden is lying again.”

According to Hannity, Biden’s efforts to tax middle-class Americans to fund buildback better while the same Americans are feeling the effects of inflation, rising gas prices and supply chain shortages. It happens to.

“And it’s getting very bad,” he said, citing “massive resignations and mass firings” of those who refuse to comply with Biden’s vaccine obligations. The crime-stricken city of Chicago could lose 1,000 police officers, despite Chicago Police Department police officer David O. Brown threatening to refuse retirement benefits to retired police officers who did not follow the city’s police. there is. COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Vaccination policy.

“Thousands of other police officers, firefighters, first responders, nurses, teachers [and] Army members …[are] Everything was lost. “

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Hannity quoted economists at Dartmouth College and University College London, who said the recession was “absolutely fast approaching.” “This is a major crisis. Jen Psaki [is] Mock the concerns of millions of Americans … [She’s a] Quite shameful, low-ranking “civil servant”

Hanity closed by pleading with West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin for begging the party’s progressive wings to support a $ 3.5 trillion spending package. Hannity said he wasn’t looking for the best interests of West Virginia members when Manchin was on the side like Senator Bernie Sanders, “Buildback Better is a nightmare for West Virginia and our country. Will be. “

Hannity: Biden’s Afghanistan has failed in “international shame.” “Large-scale crisis” approaching recession

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