Hall’s Late TD Raises 15th Iowa to 20th Texas

Austin, Texas – Iowa State University didn’t worry or panic while chasing Texas for almost the entire Friday match.

Instead, Cyclone looked like a program with championship DNA in the fourth quarter, even though it hadn’t won the conference title for over 100 years.

Breeze Hall scored a 3-yard run with 1:25 remaining and no. 15 Iowa postponed a last-minute drive by Sam Ellinger and No. 20 Texas, maintaining first place 23-20 in the Big 12. Friday victory.

“We never flinch,” said Cyclone Safety Greg Eisworth. “That’s really true.”

After Iowa State University fired Ellinger three downs, Cameron Dicker of Texas barely missed the left in a 58-yard field goal attempt over time.

Cyclone (7-2, 7-1) won his second victory against Texas in Austin and won the spot for the first time in the Big 12 Championship game. For the first time in 18 conferences, the emerging Iowa State University has defeated the Blue-Blooded Longhorns in consecutive seasons.

“We always say it’s a five-star culture vs. a five-star player,” Hall said. “We don’t always get the best players … we want to participate in games like this that result in physicality and hard work, so today with us Our defense continued to play with great results. “

The hall won 91 yards with 20 carries. His first game of the season was less than 100, but his last 69-yard touchdown drive was 30 yards. Quarterback Brock Purdy connected tight-end Charlie Coller and Dylan Sonar with the remaining 39 yards.

“We made them when we need to play and that’s what a really good team does,” said Matt Campbell.

Iowa State University dragged 20-16 at the beginning of the fourth quarter after Cyclone scored Connor Assari’s field goal in a bad two-play sequence (5-3, 4-3) in Texas.

First, Longhorns threw the ball at 4th and 8th fake punts and came 3 yards shorter. Then Purdy found a 44-yard chorale. A cyclone hold penalty forced Assary’s field goal to be 20-16.

“The only thing I thought about the fake punt was that I worked for two weeks and knew it was there,” said Texas coach Tom Harman. “They did a good job of defending.”

Ehringer was also a few inches short of fourth and second place in Iowa 13, leaving 8:05 in the fourth quarter, where Field Goal would have made it a seven-point game.

“The analysis was told to go for it,” Herman said. “If you finally achieve a conversion and record a touchdown, you’ll get an increase of 11. This is two scores.”

Purdy completed 25 out of 36 with 312 yards and a single touchdown. Corral held six receptions for 131.

Elinger was 17 out of 29 at 298 yards and had one touchdown that could be Longhorns’ last home game. Elinger and Brennan Eagles set up touchdowns in the first and third quarters, connecting at 59 and 45 yards.

“I haven’t played a great game where both sides of the ball are playing really well,” Ehlinger said. “It’s frustrating. I’m not sure. I’m so talented that I can’t put it all together.”

Take away

Iowa: Cyclone has never won a championship in the Big 12 or its predecessor, the Big Eight. The title of the last conference in Iowa came in 1912.

Cyclone hasn’t secured a position in the Big 12 Championship game, but next week’s victory in West Virginia or another defeat by Oklahoma could seal it.

Iowa State University has also been in operation for decades and could compete for Campbell’s fifth season title. “That’s why I came here. Director Campbell told me what he thought of this program and I believed it,” Purdy said.

Texas: The Longhorns aren’t excluded from the Big 12 races, but they’re very close to playing two games. They haven’t won the Big 12 titles since 2009. Herman was asked if he was the right person for the job. “That’s not my decision,” Herman said. “It feels like the place we have the program now compared to when we took over. The future is very bright.”

Elinger said: “I don’t think coaching is complete. This is a multi-million dollar question that everyone has been trying to understand over the last decade.”

Impact on polls

Iowa State University has a chance to move up after a great victory on the street.

Texas will probably be out of the top 25.


At the entrance to the Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, Texas unveiled a 12½-foot statue of Julius Whittier, the first black football letterman at school in 1970. Whitia later graduated from UT Law School. He died in 2018.


Iowa State University will host West Virginia on December 5th, ending the regular season.

Texas faces Kansas by road on December 5th and goes to Kansas on December 12th.


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Hall’s Late TD Raises 15th Iowa to 20th Texas

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