Hailey Baldwin does make-up for free and shows a rash on her cheeks


Justin Bieber’s wife goes public in the fight against perioral dermatitis when she shows her online followers the latest breakout of her cheeks that lasted three days.

AceShowbiz -Hailey Beaver has become the latest celebrity to cleanse the skin.

From the next big exposure Kim Kardashian And LeAnn Rimes, Justin BieberThe model’s wife revealed that she suffered from perioral dermatitis-a rash on the face and genitals.

Haley, who shares a make-up-free selfie on social media, revealed that her latest cheek breakout lasted three days.

“This is the third day, so I’m pretty calm,” she writes. “I have had what is called affected dermatitis for several years. It is caused by a variety of things and usually appears on the cheeks, around the mouth, sometimes around the eyes and under the eyes.”

“Some things I’ve noticed cause it: try new products, overly harsh products, weather, masks, and sometimes certain SPFs (sunscreen factor creams).”

Hailey Baldwin unveiled in skin battle

Hailey Baldwin unveiled in skin battle

Last month (November 20th), Rhymes was unveiled in a lifelong fight against psoriasis while posing nude in Glamor magazine.

The “blue” singer told the publication that she had always hidden dry skin outbreaks and scales, so there’s no way she could even think of exposing her early in her career, but Lian told her. It’s time to reveal that you’ve recently flared up, and in a photo published in a magazine, show off all the skin conditions while showing the marks left on your back and feet.

“I tried everything I could to cure it: steroid creams, major drugs-I even tried to be wrapped in coal tar … and when I was in public I did everything I could to hide it, “she said. “On stage, I often wore two pairs of pantyhose and jeans, even in the heat of 95 degrees Celsius. Under my shirt, my entire abdomen was covered with thick scales, which could hurt or bleed. I had to hide it for many of my life. ”

Hailey Baldwin does make-up for free and shows a rash on her cheeks

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