Gwen Stefani believes that dyslexia is hereditary because she and her three sons all have learning disabilities


The singer of “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” believes that dyslexia is hereditary because her three young sons are also publicly suffering from learning disabilities.

Gwen Stefani And all three of her sons suffer from dyslexia-the fact she believes depends on “genetics”.

The singer of “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” revealed the diagnosis in an interview Zane Lowe In the case of Apple Music, I told my host that I “discovered” a learning disability when my children started to get hard to read.

“One of the things I discovered with having a child was dyslexia. Everyone could happen and that was mine,” she said. “And I feel that many of the problems I have, or even the decisions I make myself, arise from it, because now children-obviously it’s all genetic-they are them. Because I have some of the problems with. ”

However, Gwen added that she and her boy had many “benefits” at school because they were found to have dyslexia.

“They have these great teachers and schools, and you don’t have to be ashamed of them,” she smiled. “They understand that their brains work differently. All our brains are, do you know what I mean?”

Regarding her own experience at school, Gwen told Rowe academically “failed”, “I was a good girl. I didn’t do anything wrong. I work with that square box. It was really hard. It’s a school that everyone should understand. My brain didn’t work that way. It still doesn’t work. But it seems like a gift that no one else can. It works in a variety of ways. ”

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