Gutfeld called the ban, Hollywood manipulating the parental rights bill in Florida

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So you want to see how hard the media industry is? See how they can make something out of nothing.

And they get everything from politicians to advertisers to launder celebrities by blind selling.

David Copperfield had nothing on them. I’m referring to the Florida parental rights bill. While the right -wing sources have called it controversial, the bill is only controversial because the ban is false.

The bill prohibits teaching about sexuality and homosexuality in kindergarten through the third grade. The only part I found that was controversial was the third grade.

FLORIDA PARENTAL RIGHTS BILL BILL Despite Democrats’ attempt to sign ‘He won’t say GAY’

How about the teachers of each class living outside of your child’s personal life, you power hungry people? Now like my other nipples, the ball is kind of good for me. The last thing I want to talk to a kindergarten student about is gender.

The second last thing I want to talk about is a foster child. And if anyone tries to teach me those things when I am that year, it will destroy me.

I’m still in the process of thinking about Ken’s anatomy – not the baby. Driving a car.

Classroom is low in elementary school.
(Scholarly Photo/Large Photo Group via Getty Images)

But if this file irritates you. That’s up to you. You are a strange person. Really, do you really want kids in kindergarten to learn this? That’s awesome with a K capital.

Or maybe there is only one major positive sign of your own mental laziness. Note that if anyone wants to read the bill, the anger will die and they will have to let go of the lie.

So the taboo can’t read. And if they don’t, they can say ban the word gay.

That’s the power of the Jussie Smollett hoax media. And, of course, making up your mind about something you haven’t read isn’t just a voice – it can be difficult.

DOCTOR 1: Yes, sir. I haven’t had a chance to read your chart yet, but I heard someone down the street say, “We need to open your appendix and your testicles, so let’s open that. pants, OK? ”

DOCTOR 2: Whose, yours, yours. Wait a minute. This chart cannot say so. Maybe you should read on.

DOCTOR 1: I watched “Don Lemon Tonight,” OK? I think I know what I’m doing.

DOCTOR 2: And what does he know about this?

DOCTOR 1: Yes, we may be a doctor, but he is on TV. Grow up.

DOCTOR 2: Hmm. You are bringing up a good number. I think I will prepare the patient now for the surgery.

So you saw “Don’t Say Gay” in the headlines because the media won. They demanded the lie knowing that their peers were too lazy to watch. They were right. And what is the result? You create a mental illness caused by false news when parents again turn hysteria into fun.

WANDA SYKES: We had a great night tonight, and for you folks in Florida, we’re having a game night. Man, man, man, man, man, man.

The Oscars.

The Oscars.

Alas. Pride – chanting the bridegroom in front of a live audience filled with some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities. What should I do? Feeding a Christian Simba and Mufasa? How about a dance number that is about increasing the minimum wage?

Therefore, reading the script is only when the story comes out of the mouths of the actors. They were very happy with themselves, like flying a Prius in their private plane.

But that is what is done in deception. You think you are showing the world that you are smart if you are not.

Look at Disney, which says Gov. Ron DeSantis washes away boys – a different situation from a company where cruises actually sail to countries where marriage is washed away, where marriage is forbidden.

Walt Disney World. (By Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Walt Disney World. (By Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

I think it’s much easier to sign up correctly than to create your own rules. The only real show is the free one at Disney. Magic in the Magic Kingdom means losing $ 10 to buy spring water.

Then there’s creator Ron Perlman, who thought for himself, but now he’s allowed Twitter to run in his brain. Apparently that was all he was reading. And so here he is, going to the bill.

RON PERLMAN: Don’t talk to the man? Don’t you say, those are the two words spoken by a political leader of a state in the United States? Don’t say Don’t you say, f —— Nazi pig? Say it. First change. Read about, and then run for office. You are a part s —.

Oh, Iʻm really hot when sheʻs in trouble.

So it is clear that he is not a healthy person. He was the mentally ill man who escaped from a Disney office in Anaheim and was covered by the mainstream media.

But it is also something that is deceived by a story designed to plunge people like him into a maelstrom of anger and conflict. That’s what the media wants.

The more Perlmans you earn, the more money you earn. You add someone who is angry and needs a new correction every day. And with silly things like that, Disney doesn’t need Goofy.

Maybe the money lost on woke movies will be spent. Poor Perlman, previously in “Sons of Anarchy.” He is the only Son of Sam, a man who has heard the truth from his dog, Pluto, and has lost the ability to explain the truth.

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The only free advertisement he understood so far. Now he’s watching, and I doubt whether or not he’ll fall for this crap because this show is like a pause for those caught wrong.

The bill prohibits classroom education about sexuality and homosexuality, with children in the third grade or older, or “in an inappropriate manner. Student development is not in line with state standards. ”

That’s it. The bill does not prohibit the term gay, nor does it prohibit regular discussions of gender -related topics.

And the teachers under this bill, they can’t learn about accuracy, and that’s the only group that doesn’t parade.

This article was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s introduction on the March 30, 2022, edition of “Gutfeld!”

Gutfeld called the ban, Hollywood manipulating the parental rights bill in Florida

Source link Gutfeld called the ban, Hollywood manipulating the parental rights bill in Florida

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