Gunmen killed two in an attack in central Israel, Israeli police said

JERUSALEM – Two Arabs armed on Sunday killed two people and wounded four others in a shooting in central Israel before being killed by police, according to police and medical officials.

It was the second deadly nationalist attack by Arab invaders in an Israeli city in less than a week. On Tuesday, a lone attacker, inspired by the Islamic State group, killed four people in a knife attack in southern Israel before being killed by passers-by.

Israeli security officials said the two men were Arab citizens of northern Israel. They spoke on condition of anonymity as the investigation continues.

The attack comes just before the volatile period of Ramadan and also threatens to overshadow a gathering of foreign ministers in the Negev desert, where Iran’s nuclear deal was expected to top the agenda. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett rushed to the scene.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid briefed his counterparts in the United States and four Arab countries who condemned the attack. Lapid issued a statement calling it “disgusting” and “an attempt by violent extremists to terrorize and damage the fabric of life here.”


There was no immediate responsibility. But Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza, praised the attack as a “heroic operation.”

Security camera footage circulated in the Israeli media shows that two bearded men allegedly opened fire in the city of Hadera before being shot. An Israeli official said two members of the Israeli counter-terrorism border police were at a restaurant near the attack, leaked and killed the attackers.

The Israeli rescue service MADA confirmed the deaths of one man and one woman and said four people were injured, two seriously. She released videos showing a large number of police cars and ambulances in the area.

Following last week’s attack, Israeli authorities have expressed concern about a possible increase in violence ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when religious tensions often escalate. Last year, clashes between Israeli police and Muslim protesters during Ramadan escalated into an 11-day war between Israel and Hamas rulers in Gaza.

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Gunmen killed two in an attack in central Israel, Israeli police said

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