Guangzhou, China reports zero new cases for the first time in a new cluster

Citizens respond to sampling of throat swabs during a mass covid test on Monday, May 31, 2021 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, southern China.

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Guangzhou, China — The city of Guangzhou in southern China has not reported new cases of locally transmitted coronavirus for the first time since the new outbreak in May.

The recent increase in incidents has prompted mass testing and blockades, and has threatened world trade.

On Tuesday, health officials did not find a newly confirmed case in Guangzhou, a city of more than 15 million people, which became China’s new Covid hotspot.

The first new case, a 75-year-old woman, was detected on May 21st. This was the first time that a delta variant of the virus first identified in India was detected in China.

Authorities took immediate action, fearing that the variant was highly contagious.

Liwan, west of Guangzhou, has closed part of the district. Except in special circumstances, people were unable to enter or leave these areas. Some restaurants had to be closed, while others operated only takeaway or with reduced capacity.

Healthcare workers lined up on the streets of Guangzhou to carry out a large number of coronavirus tests on the population. Tens of millions have been tested in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, Guangzhou police fined and detained individuals allegedly violating the law, including not wearing masks in public and not cooperating when asked to be tested for coronavirus.

The outbreak of Guangzhou, which could spread throughout Guangdong Province, a major economic and trading power, also affected shipping. Increased checks and anti-virus measures will cause delays at major Guangdong shipping ports, experts warn that they could disrupt the global supply chain.

Authorities are also urging people to be vaccinated in Guangdong and throughout China. The vaccine has been administered more than 900 million times in Japan.

One day with zero new cases is a positive development, but authorities hope it will continue, eventually resuming the local economy altogether and freeing the region from blockades.

On Wednesday, Chen Bin, deputy director of the Guangzhou City Health Commission, said zero cases “do not mean zero risk,” according to comments reported by local media. Authorities have urged citizens to remain vigilant and continue to wear masks to reduce unnecessary social contact.

Guangzhou, China reports zero new cases for the first time in a new cluster

Source link Guangzhou, China reports zero new cases for the first time in a new cluster

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